Vincenzo Natali: Child of the New Flesh

Vincenzo Natali: Child of the New Flesh

Interview by Chris Kelso August 29, 2022
The Canadian director discusses his literary influences, the trials of adaptation, and the films of David Cronenberg.

10 Politically Subversive Novels Veiled in Absurdism

Column by Christopher Shultz January 4, 2017
There are novels that come right out and say what they mean, with varying degrees of heavy-handedness. And then there are novels that make sweeping critiques through gross surrealism and absurdity.

My Favorite Reads Of 2016 So Far

Column by Keith Rawson August 30, 2016
Keith Rawson trots out his list of the best books so far this year.

Book vs. Film: 'High-Rise'

Column by Emily Rose Lathrop May 31, 2016
Ben Wheatley's new adaptation of J.G. Ballard's "High-Rise" finally released in the United States this month. How does it stack up against the novel?
New ‘High Rise’ Trailer Released

New ‘High Rise’ Trailer Released

News by Raine Winters
The J.G. Ballard adaptation stars Tom Hiddleston.
Ballard's 'High Rise' Gets First Trailer

Film Adaptation of Ballard's 'High Rise' Gets First Trailer

News by Peter Derk December 15, 2015
Join Tom Hiddleston for the new adaptation of J.G. Ballard's 'High Rise'.

5 Most Anticipated Book Adaptations of 2015

Column by Max Booth III January 16, 2015
"Why read the book when you can just watch the movie?" -- This, and other questions that can get you slapped in public.

Christmas Bummers: 5 Books to Wallow In During the Holidays

Column by Ed Sikov December 3, 2013
Perennially depressed Ed Sikov recommends five unbearably sad novels with which to celebrate the holidays.


Column by Karina Wilson November 22, 2013
50 years ago today six seconds changed everything. Lurid takes a look at the way the fatal JFK headshot ricocheted out of myth and into modern fiction.
High Rise, Ben Wheatley

'Kill List' Creators Set To Adapt J.G. Ballard's 'High Rise'

News by Christopher Shultz August 30, 2013
Director Ben Wheatley and writer Amy Jump are teaming up with estemmed producer Jeremy Thomas to finally bring the novel to the big screen.

Gear Up! It's The Top Ten Technologies in Science Fiction

Column by Jon Korn May 25, 2012
From superintelligent spaceships to existential spray cans, Sci-Fi is all about the gear. Jon Korn geeks out over his favorites.

LURID: It's Alive! The Top 10 Mad Scientists of Literature!

Column by Karina Wilson May 18, 2012
From Prometheus (Aeschylus) to Prometheus (Scott): Top ten pick of the most enduringly mad scientists in horror fiction, both before and after the reality of Dr. Josef Mengele.