Screenwriting: Nail The Subtext

Column by Karina Wilson
Creating dynamic subtext in a screenplay is a tough call.

Screenwriting: The Emotional Spine

Column by Karina Wilson September 22, 2014
Got your three acts, your hero's journey and your turning points sorted? Good. But, what's holding them all together? Take your screenplay to the next level by addressing the emotional spine.

Screenwriting: Turn Turn Turn

Column by Karina Wilson May 8, 2014
Turning points are essential to a compelling screen narrative. Discover how to liven up your dull "this then that" screenplay with timely swerves in story direction.

Screenwriting: Speed Dating The First Five Pages

Column by Karina Wilson January 29, 2014
A screenplay should always have the reader at 'Hello'. Find out how techniques developed chatting up strangers at speed dating events can make your first five pages sing.

Screenwriting: Insert Woman Here - Sidestepping the Sausage Fest

Column by Karina Wilson January 11, 2013
Where are all the female characters in your screenplay? Why should you care about adding some? Where can you put them?

10 Reasons Your Screenplay Sucks (and how to fix it)

Column by Karina Wilson November 30, 2012
What makes a reader hate a screenplay on sight? Here are 10 pet peeves - and fixes.