10 Questions with 'Made to Break' Author D. Foy

10 Questions with 'Made to Break' Author D. Foy

Interview by Emma McMorran Clark April 7, 2014
D. Foy's first novel, 'Made to Break', was published last month, sixteen years after it was written. We sat down recently to talk process, community, and why writers need an ass like leather.
A Few Questions With Evan Saathoff

A Few Questions With Evan Saathoff, Author of 'Madea Lives! A Film-by-Film Guide To Loving Tyler Perry'

Interview by Meredith Borders April 4, 2014
Evan Saathoff has made a name for himself writing about Tyler Perry online. Learn more about this wonderfully weird filmmaker and the author who loves him.
Douglas Coupland - Metro

Douglas Coupland: Best. Canadian. Ever.

Interview by Joshua Chaplinsky April 3, 2014
The bestselling author discusses all things Canadian, the state of his art, and the filthy enigma that is Raymond Gunt.
10 Questions, Classes, Delilah S. Dawson, Interview

10 Questions with Blud Series Author and LitReactor Instructor Delilah S. Dawson

Interview by Rob Hart March 26, 2014
Delilah S. Dawson, instructor of our upcoming class BECOME A GOD, dishes on her self-publishing venture, her writing process, and celebrating a book deal by feasting on rabbit.
10 Questions with "29 Myths on the Swinster Pharmacy" illustrator Lisa Brown

10 Questions with "29 Myths on the Swinster Pharmacy" Illustrator Lisa Brown

Interview by Taylor Houston
Seriously, what is going on inside the Swinster Pharmacy? Maybe 10 Questions with illustrator Lisa Brown can help us crack the code!
10 Questions with John Hornor Jacobs

10 Questions with John Hornor Jacobs

Interview by Keith Rawson March 5, 2014
Fantasist John Hornor Jacobs goes ten rounds with LitReactor.

Storyville: Editor Interviews—Needle, Thuglit, and The Big Click

Column by Richard Thomas February 28, 2014
Five questions with the editors of Needle, Thuglit and The Big Click — Steve Weddle, Todd Robinson, and Nick Mamatas.
Aurora Grimeon

A Few Questions With Tom Hammock and Megan Hutchinson, Creators of Aurora Grimeon

Interview by BH Shepherd
An interview with Tom Hammock and Megan Hutchinson, the writer/artist team behind the new graphic novel "Will O' the Wisp: An Aurora Grimeon Story."
10 Questions with Sage Stossel

10 Questions with 'Starling' Author Sage Stossel

Interview by Leah Rhyne
Atlantic cartoonist and "Starling" author Sage Stossel sits down with LitReactor to talk writing, graphic novels, and social avoidance super powers.

Storyville: Publisher Interviews—ChiZine, Eraserhead, and PMMP

Column by Richard Thomas January 22, 2014
Five quick questions with three publishers of dark fiction: ChiZine, Eraserhead, and Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing
Ten More Questions with 'The Moment Before' Author, Suzy Vitello

Ten More Questions with 'The Moment Before' Author, Suzy Vitello

Interview by Erin Reel
Suzy Vitello — LitReactor instructor, editor, and author — answers ten more questions upon the release of her new YA novel, 'The Moment Before'.
10 Questions with Nic Pizzolatto

10 Questions with 'True Detective' Creator Nic Pizzolatto

Interview by Keith Rawson January 10, 2014
LitReactor goes ten rounds with novelist and creator of HBO's 'True Detective,' Nic Pizzolatto

Storyville: Editor Interviews—Shock Totem, Shimmer, and The Dark

Column by Richard Thomas December 30, 2013
Some quick questions with three editors of contemporary, dark fiction.
10 Questions with Sara Nelson

10 Questions with Sara Nelson, Editorial Director of Books and Kindle at Amazon.com

Interview by Cath Murphy December 6, 2013
Although Amazon sometimes gives the impression it's staffed by robots, real people do work there. Publishing industry veteran Sara Nelson is one of them.
10 Questions With 'Blade of Dishonor' Author Thomas Pluck

10 Questions With 'Blade of Dishonor' Author Thomas Pluck

Interview by Rob Hart
'Blade of Dishonor' author Thomas Pluck chats us up about World War II as the new cowboy myth and how a good weightlifting session can distract from a bad review.
10 Questions with James Sallis

10 Questions with James Sallis

Interview by Keith Rawson November 5, 2013
LitReactor goes ten rounds with the legendary, award winning James Sallis.
10 Questions With 'Love is the Law' Author Nick Mamatas

10 Questions With 'Love is the Law' Author Nick Mamatas

Interview by Paul Tremblay
Paul Tremblay hits Nick Mamatas with LitReactor's patent-pending 10 Questions! Find out why Mamatas thinks catharsis doesn't exist for authors and brand-building is bullshit.
Johnny Shaw Interview

10 Questions With Johnny Shaw

Interview by Keith Rawson October 2, 2013
On October 17th, Johnny Shaw is teaching his class, 'The Next Draft.' Keith Rawson sat down with Johnny to ask him 10 questions about his writing method.
10 Questions with Lee Child

10 Questions with Lee Child

Interview by J.I. Baker September 18, 2013
The bestselling author of the Jack Reacher novels talks storytelling and the state of publishing.

Joshua Mohr and Anisse Gross Talk Plot

Column by Joshua Mohr August 28, 2013
LitReactor instructor and 'Fight Song' author Joshua Mohr talks writing plots with The Rumpus film editor Anisse Gross. You should probably listen.
LitReactor 10 Questions with John Rector

10 Questions with John Rector

Interview by Keith Rawson August 20, 2013
LitReactor gives John Rector, the bestselling author of "The Cold Kiss" and "Already Gone," the rubber hose treatment, with its latest 10 Questions interview.
10 Questions, Ben H. Winters, Interview

10 Questions With 'Countdown City' Author Ben H. Winters

Interview by Rob Hart August 6, 2013
If there was an asteroid hurtling toward Earth, what would you do? If you're Ben H. Winter's protagonist Detective Hank Palace, you don't quit just because the apocalypse is nigh.
Interview, 10 Questions, Steve Weddle, Needle, Classes

10 Questions with NEEDLE Editor and LitReactor Instructor Steve Weddle

Interview by Rob Hart July 25, 2013
Steve Weddle's upcoming novel explores the trials and travails of small town America. He's also the editor of NEEDLE and a LitReactor instructor. We hit him with some questions...
10 Questions, Class, Interview, John Skipp

10 Questions with Bizarro Legend and LitReactor Instructor John Skipp

Interview by Rob Hart July 19, 2013
Meet horror/bizarro fiction legend and award-winning editor John Skipp. He's had a long and accomplished career in publishing. He's also a friggin' writing machine.
10 Questions, Interview, Classes, Samuel Sattin

10 Questions with 'League of Somebodies' Author and LitReactor Instructor Samuel Sattin

Interview by Rob Hart
Samuel Sattin's debut novel has been called a "hilarious satire of manliness and superhero culture"—and he's the instructor of an upcoming LitReactor workshop! So we hit him with 10 Questions.