Mark Z. Danielewski

The Fifty Year Sword: An Interview With Mark Z. Danielewski

Interview by Matthew Treon October 16, 2012
Mark Z. Danielewski discusses his latest book, 'The Fifty Year Sword,' the art of visual storytelling, and his future project, 'The Familiar.'
10 Questions With Jeff Noon

10 Questions With Channel SK1N Author Jeff Noon

Interview by Joshua Chaplinsky October 11, 2012
We go ten rounds with the prodigal son of sci-fi/speculative/cyber-punk, Jeff Noon.
10 Questions With Michael Lowenthal

10 Questions With Michael Lowenthal

Interview by Ed Sikov October 3, 2012
Michael Lowenthal was the valedictorian of his Dartmouth class. But he didn't waste his life in the pursuit of money and power. No, he became a writer!
Irvine Welsh LitReactor Interview

Politics of the Past: Irvine Welsh Revisits the 80's with Skagboys

Interview by Joshua Chaplinsky September 18, 2012
Irvine Welsh talks to LitReactor about his 'Trainspotting' prequel 'Skagboys,' the film adaptation of 'Filth,' and why he feels the modern Democratic party is too conservative.
Stephen Graham Jones

Growing Up Dead In Texas: An Interview with Stephen Graham Jones

Interview by Matthew Treon June 14, 2012
Stephen Graham Jones discusses his latest novel, 'Growing Up Dead In Texas,'and blurring the lines between fiction and nonfiction.
Interview with Bree Ogden

Twitterview with Bree Ogden, Instructor Of Our Upcoming Class 'Intro To Graphic Novel Writing'

Interview by Rob Hart June 5, 2012
Bree Ogden is back with her hit class, Intro to Graphic Novel Writing. To give you a preview of how the class will work, she fielded some questions from her followers on Twitter to answer here.
Q&A, Class, Interview, Paul Tremblay, Sarah Langan, John Langan, F. Brett Cox

Paul Tremblay, Sarah Langan and John Langan Talk About The Horror Genre, And Their New Class Kicking Off Monday

Interview by Rob Hart
Meet some of the instructors from our first multi-teacher class, geared toward creating tension, building dread, and writing a better horror story.
5 Questions with LitReactor's Christopher Bram

5 Questions with LitReactor's Christopher Bram; 'Beginning the Novel' Starts Next Monday

Interview by Rob Hart
Christopher Bram's class, 'Beginning the Novel,' kicks off on Monday, May 28. We posed five questions to the instructor, to give you a sense of his style, and the class.
Class, Interview, Q&A, Scott Myers

5 Questions with LitReactor's Scott Myers; 'A Screenwriter's Approach To Story Prep' Starts Monday

Interview by Rob Hart
Master screenwriter Scott Myers answers from questions for us on good movie scripts and the common mistakes that new screenwriters make. His LitReactor class starts this Monday.
Class, Horror, Interview, Jack Ketchum, Q&A

5 Questions with LitReactor's Master of Horror, Jack Ketchum; 'Talking Scars' Starts May 7

Interview by Rob Hart
Jack Ketchum joins LitReactor for 'Talking Scars,' a four-week class that will reveal the dynamics for how to craft compelling horror and suspense stories. You'll want to write with the lights on.
An Interview with Chuck Wendig

An Interview with Chuck Wendig

Interview by Keith Rawson
Keith Rawson interviews the author of 'Blackbirds' and 'Terrible Minds,' overlord Chuck Wendig, about his latest novel, his career, and most importantly, tacos and booze.
 Jon Gingerich 'Fundamentals of Short Fiction'

5 Questions with LitReactor's Master of Craft, Jon Gingerich; 'Fundamentals of Short Fiction' Starts Monday

Interview by Rob Hart
Jon Gingerich's class, 'Fundamentals of Short Fiction', starts Monday, and here's a preview of what he's going to be talking about...
Holiday Reinhorn

5 Questions With Returning LitReactor Instructor, Holiday Reinhorn; 'Embracing The Practice' Starts Monday

Interview by Rob Hart April 13, 2012
Holiday Reinhorn returns to LitReactor to teach her hit class, Embracing the Practice. We posed some questions to her, so you can get a sense of her style, and the class.
Vanessa Veselka Interview

5 Questions With LitReactor's Latest Instructor, Vanessa Veselka; 'Leading With Voice' Starts Monday

Interview by Rob Hart April 4, 2012
Vanessa Veselka's class, LEADING WITH VOICE, is in session on Monday. We've posed five questions to her, about the immediacy of the first-person narrative, and her debut novel 'Zazen.'
Kris Saknussemm

Choosing The Best Senses With Kris Saknussemm

Interview by Rob Hart March 30, 2012
In a few days, LitReactor will be unveiling a new class: FULLY REALIZED WORLDS with Kris Saknussemm. To introduce you all to Kris and his teachings, we've fired a few questions his way.
Michael Hastings

You Don't Know Michael Hastings

Interview by Kasey Carpenter
The author of the controversial Rolling Stone article 'The Runaway General,' which many believe led to the resignation of General McChrystal, talks candidly about his new book 'The Operators.'
Josh Bazell Interview

An Interview with Josh Bazell

Interview by Keith Rawson February 7, 2012
LitReactor interviews Josh Bazell, author of 'Beat the Reaper,' about his much anticipated follow up, 'Wild Thing.'
Interview: Steve Erickson 2012

Every Moment I'm Awake The Further I'm Away: Dream Analysis With Steve Erickson

Interview by Joshua Chaplinsky January 31, 2012
Surrealist storyteller Steve Erickson talks the race, religion and politics of his new novel, 'These Dreams of You.'
Interview: Jim Zubkavich - Skullkickers

Jim Zubkavich on Skullkickers and Creator-Owned Comics

Interview by Jason Van Horn January 19, 2012
An interview with 'Skullkickers' writer and creator Jim Zubkavich on his career and creator-owned comics.
Rob W. Hart Interview

LitReactor's Very Own Rob W. Hart Interviews With 'On Fiction Writing'

News by Brandon Tietz January 9, 2012
Rob W. Hart, the website administrator for, the vice president of Novel Publicity, and a blogger and columnist at LitReactor offers some thoughts on the industry.
William Gay interview 2011

An Interview with William Gay

Interview by Keith Rawson December 20, 2011
LitReactor sits down with legendary Tennessee novelist, William Gay, to discuss his career, his influences, and his long awaited new novel.
"House Of Prayer No 2" by Mark Richard

Growing Up in the Company of Books - The Life of Mark Richard

Interview by Kasey Carpenter November 16, 2011
We sit down with Mark Richard to discuss his memoir, HOUSE OF PRAYER NO. 2; his screenwriting life, and the years that made him the man he is today.
Dennis Cooper

Solving The Puzzle of Sex and Violence With Dennis Cooper

Interview by Joshua Chaplinsky November 3, 2011
Cult author Dennis Cooper discusses his latest novel, "The Marbled Swarm," as well as his history of sex and violence.
Chuck Palahniuk Finds Hell in an Author's Suite

Chuck Palahniuk Finds Hell in an Author's Suite

Interview by Kasey Carpenter October 18, 2011
We sit down with Chuck Palahniuk to discuss the thinking behind his new novel, DAMNED.
A Conversation with Daniel Woodrell

A Conversation with Daniel Woodrell

Interview by Keith Rawson October 5, 2011
LitReactor corespondent Keith Rawson interviews author Daniel Woodrell about his latest book, the short story collection, The Outlaw Album