BiblioCrunch Partners With Wattpad

BiblioCrunch to Offer More Services Via New Partner Wattpad

News by Dean Fetzer March 27, 2013
BiblioCrunch, a 'marketplace' to find vetted book publishing and editorial services has joined up with the publishing community to provide services for premium customers.

Quirky Works in Indie Publishing

Column by Erik Wecks
Self publishing offers an author a means to write their story just the way they want without having to fit within the conventions of the traditional machine.
Random House Signs 17 Year-Old Author

Random House Signs 17 Year-Old Welsh Student

News by Dean Fetzer March 25, 2013
Beth Reekles, a high school student from Newport, Wales has just signed a three book deal for her teen romances.
Simon & Schuster to Share Piracy Data

Simon & Schuster to Share Piracy Data with Authors and Agents

News by Christopher Shultz
Utilizing full disclosure as combat tool, the publisher will now make illegal downloading statistics more transparent.
Amazon Faces Fight Over '.Book' Domain

Amazon Facing Battle for Web Domain Names Like ‘.Book’

News by Dean Fetzer March 12, 2013
The online retailer is facing a fight from competitors and industry groups over its application for new domain names.
Amish Tripathi receives $1m advance

Epic Trilogy Wins Record Advance for Indian Novelist

News by Dean Fetzer
Believed to be the largest advance ever paid by an Indian publisher, Amish Tripathi, banker-turned-bestselling author, has received $1m for his series tapping into renewed interest in Hindu mythology.
Author Solutions under ‘investigation’

Penguin-owned Author Solutions Under Investigation for ‘Deceptive Practices’

News by Dean Fetzer March 5, 2013
A New York law firm is looking into claims that the self-publishing service hasn’t lived up to it’s end of bargains made with authors. Is a lawsuit imminent?
RSI helps achieve bestseller status

For $70,000 You Can Buy a Place on the Bestsellers List

News by Dean Fetzer February 25, 2013
According to Forbes, you can buy your way onto bestseller lists for as little as $70,000 by hiring marketing consultancy ResultSource.
Indie Bookstores Sue Amazon, Big Six Over DRM

Indie Bookstores Sue Amazon, Big Six Over DRM

News by Christopher Shultz February 22, 2013
Amazon is currently the go-to place for eBooks. Three east coast bookshops and a lawyer hope to level out the playing field.
Terry Deary is a jerk

Children's Author Terry Deary Says Libraries are Bleeding Writers and Publishers, Calls For Their End

News by Christopher Shultz February 15, 2013
The 'Horrible Histories' author thinks libraries have "had their day," and they should be laid to rest. Some questionable rhetoric follows.
Victoria Barnsley thinks bookstores need to charge to browse

Bookshops Charging for Browsing? That’s Crazy!

News by Dean Fetzer February 12, 2013
Harper Collins CEO Victoria Barnsley seems to think that in this time of shrinking revenues for brick and mortar shops that the idea of charging to let you browse is "not that insane".
Amazon Granted Resale Marketplace Patent

Amazon Granted Resale Marketplace Patent for Used eBooks, Songs, Other Digital Content

News by Dean Fetzer February 8, 2013
Rather surprisingly, considering the online giant’s current business model revolves around DRM, Amazon seems to be entering the used content arena. A sea change? We’ll see.

Ask The Agent: Lots of Rejections From Editors... Should You Look for A New Agent? and More

Column by Bree Ogden February 4, 2013
Navigating the rough terrain of today’s publishing industry shouldn’t be a solo event. This week in Ask the Agent, I’ll explore and dissect two of the industry’s mysteries, straight from the shoulder.

‘Good Sex, Great Prayers’: A Journey in Publication (Part 3: Art & Stuff)

Column by Brandon Tietz January 31, 2013
In this third installment of the "Good Sex, Great Prayers" series, Brandon Tietz discusses the process of designing the novel and the common pitfalls beginning authors fall into.
100s of Barnes & Noble Stores to Close

100s of Barnes & Noble Stores to Close

News by Dean Fetzer January 28, 2013
In a move confirming recent rumors, Mitchell Klipper, Barnes & Noble’s CEO, told the Wall Street Journal the company will be closing at least 20 stores a year for the next decade.
Borders Sign Goes to Auction

Borders Sign Goes to Auction, Letter by Letter

News by Christopher Shultz January 28, 2013
The now defunct retail chain's logo has a chance to help other struggling booksellers.
Bloomsbury announces improved margins on eBooks

eBooks are Selling More Copies All the Time, But Who’s Getting the Money?

News by Dean Fetzer January 22, 2013
With Bloomsbury (publisher of the Harry Potter books) reporting improved margins and higher eBook sales, it poses the question: why aren’t authors seeing more money as a result?
BookScan Still Relevant in the Digital Era?

BookScan - Still Relevant in the Digital Era?

News by Dean Fetzer
Neilsen’s BookScan now sends its sales data to Amazon’s Author Central so authors can check how many books they’ve sold - but the figures don’t always add up.
Barnes & Noble closing superstores

Barnes & Noble Stores Closing - Beginning of the End?

News by Dean Fetzer January 8, 2013
The mainstream bookseller has been closing superstores across the U.S., a move analysts think means they’re in trouble.

Are You Gonna Write for Money or Art?

Column by Cath Murphy January 7, 2013
Fifty Shades author E L James is PW's publishing person of the year. Hilary Mantel wins the Booker for the second time. They made their choices between commercial and literary fiction. What about you?

Scandalous: 8 Reasons Intelligent Writers Must Read Twilight

Column by Rob Blair Young December 27, 2012
Ready your pitchforks! This unironic defense of 'Twilight' examines the strengths and weaknesses of the series while encouraging writers to learn from the story's success.
Mark Coker of Smashwords predicts 2013

Mark Coker Predicts Author Services Boom for 2013

News by Dean Fetzer December 26, 2012
The Smashwords founder has made some predictions for the coming year, including the warning that author services will make more money than actual books.
Norwegian Bible Society 2011

Bible on Bestseller List for 56 Weeks - in Norway

News by Dean Fetzer December 21, 2012
A new translation of the Bible has become one of the hottest-selling books in Norway, contending with the likes of E. L. James and James Nesbø.
My Kindle’s Spying on Me

My Kindle’s Spying on Me

News by Dean Fetzer December 6, 2012
We all know our eReaders collect information on what we read, buy and look at - but did you know the companies behind all of them share your information with third parties without your permission?

Notes from the Drunken Editor: Forging Your Own Independence

Column by Phil Jourdan December 5, 2012
How self-sufficient should a writer be in the publishing world, and how can writers develop that independence? Before getting a publisher drunk and asking him to spill his secrets, read this.