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Interview: Lindy Ryan and Max Gold of the HWA Publisher's Council

Interview by Sadie Hartmann May 11, 2022
There is no time like the present for the HWA to put together a Publisher's Council. I checked in with Lindy Ryan and Max Gold to ask some questions about its purpose.
Ups and Downs of Small Press Publishing in Horror

Dawn Shea on The Ups and Downs of Small Press Publishing in Horror

Interview by Andrew Fowlow
Small press publishing has diversified the reading landscape and Dawn Shea from D&T Publishing is one of the people making that happen.

Self-Indie Publishing: Self-Publishing Without the Stigma

Column by Peter Derk
Looking for a way to self-publish without the stigma of self-publishing? I might have some ideas for you...

Traditional, Indie, and Self-Publishing: 15 Myths Debunked

Column by Gabino Iglesias July 22, 2020
Traditional publishing (which usually means a Big Five press), indie publishing (which means small press), and self-publishing are surrounded by misinformation. Let's debunk some myths.
Interview: 11:11 Press Publisher Andrew J. Wilt

Interview: 11:11 Press Publisher Andrew J. Wilt

Interview by Christoph Paul
11:11 Press is an awesome, new indie press and we got to sit down with their publisher — Andrew J. Wilt.
LitReactor is Now a Bookshop Affiliate

LitReactor is Now a Bookshop Affiliate

News by Joshua Chaplinsky April 8, 2020
Check out our shop and help independent booksellers.

Ask Nick: Publishing 201: Why Are Small Presses Almost Always So Awful?

Column by Nick Mamatas April 2, 2020
Small presses are doomed to fail because mostly only people with no business sense would ever found one.

12 Indie Publishers Producing Fresh, Hot, Horror Fiction

Column by Sadie Hartmann March 25, 2020
A dozen indie publishers changing the landscape of horror fiction for the better.

12 Tools Every Self-Published Author Should Have in Their Toolkit

Column by Emmanuel Nataf March 6, 2020
To help all those aspiring indie authors out there, here’s a list of some of the best tools for navigating the world of publishing.

10 Reasons Book Reviews Still Matter

Column by Gabino Iglesias July 12, 2018
Book reviews still matter, and we need more of them. Here's why.

Putting Together a Literary Magazine

Column by Christoph Paul May 17, 2018
Putting together a literary magazine isn't as hard as it sounds. It's even kind of fun.

Why You Should Be More Like Andy Weir

Column by Justin Hunter
You've heard of 'The Martian,' right? Read the book, seen the movie? Well, the novel was written by Andy Weir, and you should be more like him.

Why Do So Many Indie Presses Fail?

Column by Gabino Iglesias
In the last three years, I've seen so many indie presses come and go that I've lost count. I asked some experts to help me figure out why.
Books As Weapons of Choice: An Interview with Katie Eelman of Cutlass Press

Books As Weapons of Choice: An Interview with Katie Eelman of Cutlass Press

Interview by Christopher Irvin
An interview with Katie Eelman, Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Cutlass Press.
Jason Sizemore, Apex Magazine November Issue

A Conversation with Jason Sizemore, Editor-in-Chief of Apex Magazine

Interview by Christopher Shultz
On running a monthly online lit mag, diversity, and paying the bills.

Why Readers are Lazy Fuckers and Why This Needs to Stop Right Now

Column by Cath Murphy May 12, 2016
Do you let Amazon tell you which books to read? If so you are a lazy fucker and this must stop right now.

Dinosaurs, Billionaires, and Butts: The Top 10 Erotic Stories by Chuck Tingle

Column by Joshua Chaplinsky June 10, 2015
Tired of boring old bigfoot sex? There's a new king of the indie erotica scene.

In Defense Of The Big 6

Column by Keith Rawson
Is the Big 6 a graveyard of creativity, or hot bed returning to its former glory?

In Defense Of Indie (It's Not What You Think)

Column by Keith Rawson March 25, 2015
Does Indie publishing need to be defended? Do even the oceans of crap deserve it?
Small Publisher Tries Pay-What-You-Want Poetry

Small Publisher Tries Pay-What-You-Want Poetry

News by Peter Derk
Small publisher Brooklyn Arts Press is trying pay-what-you-want. Will it work?
I'm Not Patrick

Two Dollar Radio Releases Trailer For Debut Feature Film "I'm Not Patrick"

News by Christopher Shultz
The Moving Pictures arm of indie publishers Two Dollar Radio teases audiences with this upcoming release.

10 Portland Powerhouses Bringing the (Good) Hurt to Publishing

Column by Cameron Pierce September 27, 2013
Thanks to some TV show, Portland is best known for putting a bird on it, but in the Rose City, independent publishers have been putting the hurt to the book world for years.
10 Questions with Margaret Marr

10 Questions with Agent, Attorney and Author, Margaret Marr

Interview by Erin Reel
Los Angeles based literary agent, attorney and author Margaret Marr shares what writers need to know when they go indie, the fundamentals of a good agency contract and more.