Cheers for Fears: 10 Book and Cocktail Pairings to Celebrate the New Year

Column by Sadie Hartmann December 27, 2021
I can't think of a better way to usher in the new year than with a good book and a tasty cocktail in your hand.

10 Holiday Gifts to Give Your Horror Hound

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Need suggestions on what to buy the Horror Hound in your life this holiday season? Have no fear. I have some great ideas!

7 Books That Will Make You Happy You’re Single

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Valentine's Day Gifts for Writers

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10 Holiday Gifts Every Book Lover Needs This Year

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These 10 gifts for the bibliophile in your life will ensure that everything else your loved one receives looks totally lame by comparison... and isn't that what the season is truly about?
Put Some Cash In Your Favorite Bookseller's Pocket, Care of James Patterson

Put Some Holiday Cash In Your Favorite Bookseller's Pocket, Courtesy of James Patterson

News by Peter Derk October 7, 2015
Have a favorite bookseller? Let James Patterson give them a holiday bonus.

You're—I mean YOUR—Complete Grammarian Gift Guide

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10 Gifts for the Oxford-Comma-Obsessed Word Nerd in your life.

This Holiday Season, Give the Greatest Gift of All: Books!

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Rob offers a list of books he's constantly giving as gifts, with input from other LitReactor staffers. Because there's no better gift than a book.

Testing Lab: Gifts For Writers

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We get hands-on with 8 different gifts and gadgets for writers.

UPDATED WITH WINNER: LitReactor's Flash Fiction Smackdown: December (Holiday) Edition

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Can't get "Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer" out of your head? Did you just watch "A Muppet Christmas Carol" for the 100th time (even though you're 41?)Then this edition of the Smackdown is for you!

Just Give Me a Gift Card: A Holiday Lament for Book-Lovers

Column by Daniel Hope December 19, 2013
Even though we should be excited about receiving free books, the holidays fill book lovers with trepidation because we know loved ones will give us books we can't possibly enjoy.

Ten Unbeatable Holiday Gifts for Book Lovers

Column by Kimberly Turner December 6, 2013
Why endure door-bustin’ mall shenanigans when you can find perfect gifts without leaving the comfort of home? We've got you covered with 10 presents sure to delight every bibliophile on your list.
Holiday Book and Gifts

What Did Everyone Get For The Holidays?

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LitReactor newsies Brandon Tietz and Rob W. Hart show you theirs. Will you show us yours?

Buying Guide: How To Shop For A Writer This Holiday Season

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10 Gift Ideas No Book Lover Can Live Without This Holiday Season

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Stumped on what to buy Dad, Mom, your friends, your fella or your lady? Allow us to help.
Giving the gift of eBooks

Give The Gift Of An eBook This Holiday Season

News by Rob Hart December 5, 2011
Did you know you can give eBooks as gifts? Think of all the space, time, and money you'll save! Here's some instructional videos on how to do it.

Nook, Kindle, or Kobo? Your eReader Holiday Shopping Guide

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Whether you're shopping for your significant other, or a recent-ish college grad, an eReader may be just the gift you're looking for. Just make sure you get one that suits the recipient's needs.