A Fiction Roundup Both Painful and Poignant

Column by Ben Tanzer
Ben Tanzer discusses recent reads from Coco Picard, Tommy Dean, Rebecca Van Laer and Ravi Mangla that had a powerful effect on him.

Skipp's Self-Isolating ABC’S of the COVID-19 (Stage One)

Column by John Skipp May 25, 2020
Enjoy these COVID stories from Skipp, all bundled together using the ABC model. May they inspire you to construct your own.

Patrick Dennis’s Birthday Banquet

Column by Jessica Marie Baumgartner
Once you meet his characters you'll never forget them, especially Auntie Mame.

Storyville: Letting Film Unblock, Inspire, and Add Depth to Your Fiction

Column by Richard Thomas
Tips on how film can help unblock, inspire, and add depth to your fiction.

Storyville: Adding Diversity to Your Fiction

Column by Richard Thomas June 8, 2017
Some tips on how to be more inclusive in your writing.
Bookshots: 'Smoke' by Dan Vyleta

Bookshots: 'Smoke' by Dan Vyleta

Review by Stephanie Bonjack
In a version of Victorian England, emotions manifest as Smoke pouring out of the body. Is it a disease? Is it sin? Why is there such an effort to control Smoke and information about it?

10 Bloodlust-Satisfying Deaths in Fiction

Column by Christopher Shultz May 8, 2015
WARNING: HUGE SPOILERS. Sometimes, there are villains in fiction that we hate with a burning passion, and seeing them die satiates our bloodlusty desires.

The Minds of Others: 6 POV Hacks for Fiction

Column by Susan DeFreitas April 16, 2015
In fiction, each point of view (POV) choice comes with both strengths and limitations. Consider this your cheat sheet for overcoming those limitations.

Storyville: Making Relationships Feel Real in Your Fiction

Column by Richard Thomas February 24, 2015
Some tips on how to make your fictional relationship feel real.

Product Review: Longform

Column by Christopher Shultz
All the best Journalism-with-a-capital-J, available in one convenient, customizable app—and it's free!

How to Assemble an Ensemble: Team-Building for Writers

Column by BH Shepherd
A recipe for a good ensemble stock to use in your next literary concoction.

Six Tips for Troubleshooting the Novel

Column by Susan DeFreitas September 10, 2014
Every novel is a special snowflake, sure, but many go wrong in the same ways. An editor breaks down known issues at the level of plot, structure, and characterization she sees over and over again.

5 Essential Brain Hacks for Fiction

Column by Susan DeFreitas July 11, 2014
Neuroscience reveals a lot about how evolution shaped our brains. It can also show us how to suck our readers in from page one and keep them turning the pages. Why? Because science.

Nation of Villains: Why We Like the Unlikeable

Column by John Jarzemsky June 18, 2014
Bad guys are getting more and more popular in the realms of literature, film, and television. We've always been drawn to the other, but maybe there's another reason.

Presence on the Page: What It Is, and What It Isn’t

Column by Susan DeFreitas June 6, 2014
What are editors really looking for? A literary critter so elusive, so infrequently and sketchily described, it might as well be Sasquatch.
Bookshots: 'We Were Flying to Chicago' by Kevin Clouther

Bookshots: 'We Were Flying to Chicago' by Kevin Clouther

Review by Naturi Thomas-Millard
Everyone's on a journey in this debut collection of stories, where a layover, a sunrise or a karaoke-singing carwash attendant can alter the course of a life.

Fiction Shmiction: How Writing Creates the World

Column by Rob Blair Young May 7, 2014
Fiction doesn't excuse a work from poor arguments and misrepresentation of people, groups, beliefs, or ideas. After all, fiction creates the world.

How to Judge Books (Real or Imaginary) by Their Covers

Column by Robert Bieselin
Everyone knows you’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover. What this column presupposes is, maybe you should?

Storyville: 10 Hot, Emerging, and Underappreciated Genres

Column by Richard Thomas November 5, 2013
Looking for something new to write? Here are ten hot, emerging, and underappreciated genres.

How The Rules Of Screenwriting Can Improve Your Prose Fiction

Column by Christopher Shultz September 12, 2013
Concise character and scene descriptions, emphasis on beats, lean dialogue, and page economy—the hallmarks of a well-written screenplay. Why not well-written prose, too?

A Little Bit of History: Six World War II Books You Shouldn't Miss

Column by Leah Rhyne September 11, 2013
It's important to remember the past. Here are six books to help you remember World War II.

Storyville: Ten Tips for Successfully Publishing Your Stories

Column by Richard Thomas August 8, 2013
Here are ten tips for successfully publishing your stories.

Storyville: What is Neo-Noir Fiction?

Column by Richard Thomas July 2, 2013
Neo-noir fiction is literally defined as "new-black," but what exactly does that mean?

Storyville: Ten Ways to Avoid Cliches and Stereotypes

Column by Richard Thomas April 11, 2013
Ten tips to avoid clichés and stereotypes in your fiction.

The Only Question Every Story Must Answer

Column by BH Shepherd February 26, 2013
There is only one question that truly matters. What is it, and how do you answer it?