Do It Yourself Limited Edition Releases

Column by Jay Wilburn
More and more authors are asking, "Why can't I do this myself?" This includes offering special limited edition releases directly to readers.
Writing Goopy Horror in a Neurotypical World

Lor Gislason: Writing Goopy Horror in a Neurotypical World

Interview by Andrew Fowlow
As writers, we are often reminded by the self-help motivational gurus to "just write," but what happens if your sensory tank is filled to the brim and you go into full-blown burnout?

Honoring the Legacy of J.F. Gonzalez

Column by Jay Wilburn
J.F. Gonzalez was a beloved author taken too soon. The stewardship of his legacy is the responsibility of one of his closest friends, fellow author Brian Keene.

The Footprint of Eraserhead Press

Column by Jay Wilburn
Eraserhead and its imprints have had a massive impact on the evolution of bizarro, splatterpunk, extreme horror and other boundary-pushing genres.

The Books of Horror Facebook Group: Readers Take Over

Column by Jay Wilburn June 1, 2022
The Books of Horror Facebook group is reshaping the indie horror scene.

The New Splatterpunks

Column by Jay Wilburn May 20, 2022
Splatterpunk and Extreme Horror are seeing a resurgence, with distinct new voices telling great stories.

The Raw Emotion of Aaron Dries

Column by Jay Wilburn
Aaron Dries is a talented horror author who tells stories with raw emotion and great bloody skill.

Christine Morgan: A Leading Voice in Extreme Horror

Column by Jay Wilburn
Christine Morgan has established herself as a unique voice in the extreme horror subgenre via an unusual storytelling path.
"Along the Path of Torment" by Chandler Morrison

"Along the Path of Torment" by Chandler Morrison

Review by Sadie Hartmann October 29, 2020
A punishing yet rewarding read that is not for everybody. Includes thoughts on reviewing extreme transgressive literature in general.

The Art of the Gross Out Contest — from a Two Time Reigning Champ

Column by Jay Wilburn
Gross out contests have a long and storied tradition in horror. Jay Wilburn, the 2019 and 2020 winner of the KillerCon Gross Out Contest, shares his thoughts on doing "gross" well.
Nicole Cushing / The Sadist's Bible

Interview with Transgressive Horror Author Nicole Cushing

Interview by Christopher Shultz April 29, 2016
Nicole Cushing talks transgressive writing, getting into dark character's heads, and her love of Svengoolie.

Splatterpunks, Expanded Universes and 'Book of the Dead'

Column by Bart Bishop
An examination of the first true zombie literature, John Skipp and Craig Spector's anthology 'Book of the Dead', as an example of splatterpunk and an intellectual property's expanded universe.