In Honor Of Back To School, Let’s Talk About Romeo And Juliet’s Idiocy

Column by Christopher Shultz September 3, 2019
Sad? Check. Tragic? Check. Romantic? Noooope.

LURID: Bardic Birthday Bloodfeast

Column by Karina Wilson
Happy 450th birthday, William Shakespeare! Lurid takes a look at the Bard's hard-on for violence and gore, which has been delighting bloodthirsty playgoers for centuries.

LURID: O Unlucky Man - Christopher Marlowe

Column by Karina Wilson March 7, 2014
Christopher Marlowe, troublemaking trailblazer, forever the second-greatest Elizabethan dramatist, celebrates his 450th birthday this year. Lurid takes a look at his colorful life and legacy.

Storyville: Dramatic Structure and Freytag's Triangle

Column by Richard Thomas July 18, 2013
Is your dramatic structure intact? Study Freytag's Triangle to see if it is.

Dramatic Situation Vs. Dramatic Scene: Win the Fight Against Poor Form

Column by Chris Rosales December 21, 2012
There is a symbiotic "formal" relationship between situation and scene. A clearly defined dramatic-situation enhances the tension of your scenes, and more scenes ensure deeper exploration of premise.