Inmates Read Their Way Out Of Jail

Brazilian Inmates Read Their Way Out Of Jail

News by Kimberly Turner June 26, 2012
Brazil's new Redemption Through Reading program allows inmates in four federal prisons to knock up to 48 days a year off their sentences by reading books and writing book reports.
Who Is The Alleged Book Of Mormon Thief?

Update: Who Is The Alleged Book Of Mormon Thief?

News by Kimberly Turner June 13, 2012
A suspect has been arrested for the theft of a first-edition Book Of Mormon. His online profile raises some interesting questions about his intentions.
Book Of Mormon Stolen For Protection?

$100,000 First-Edition Book Of Mormon Stolen For Protection?

News by Kimberly Turner June 1, 2012
A first-edition Book Of Mormon valued at $100,000 was stolen from an Arizona book store. But was it stolen for the money or to protect it from its owner, who was mutilating the sacred text for money?

Lady, Go Die!: A Behind The Scenes Look At Completing Mickey Spillane's Lost 'Mike Hammer' Novels

Column by Max Allan Collins May 7, 2012
A behind the scenes look at how Max Allan Collins co-authored and helped finish the lost works of Mickey Spillane's 'Mike Hammer' novels.

Craig Clevenger Asks Crime Fiction Instructor, David Corbett, Three Questions!

Column by Craig Clevenger January 13, 2012
In anticipation of our upcoming 8-wk master class with award winning writer, David Corbett, friend and fellow author Craig Clevenger shoots him three questions on the subject of crime fiction.
Christa Faust to debut hardboiled lesbian erotica series

Christa Faust to Debut Hardboiled Lesbian Erotica Series

News by Rob Hart
Christa Faust, author of pulp hits Money Shot and Choke Hold, is writing a hardboiled erotica series following a lesbian private investigator
'Double Dexter' by Jeff Lindsay

'Double Dexter' by Jeff Lindsay

Review by Brandon Tietz October 20, 2011
In the sixth installment of Jeff Lindsay’s Dexter series, Dexter Morgan continues dispensing his personal brand of justice, but everything changes when he’s caught in the act by a mysterious witness.
"Djibouti" by Elmore Leonard

"Djibouti" by Elmore Leonard

Review by Keith Rawson October 18, 2011
Pirates, documentary filmmakers, and a race around the African coastline make up the latest from the king of all crime fiction, Elmore Leonard. Avast!