The Wisdom of Alan Watts: Improve Your Life and Creativity

Column by Michael David Wilson September 27, 2021
How you can use the wisdom of Alan Watts to improve your writing, creativity, and life.

Black Bear: Aubrey Plaza, One-Piece Bathing Suits and Acts of Creation.

Column by Ben Tanzer
Can you truly understand an individual's creative process?

Genius Works of Art: How Are Masterpieces Made?

Column by Annie Neugebauer April 2, 2018
Are masterpieces built step by step, or are they executed in a bolt of inspiration? A look at 3 case studies: Eminem’s “Lose yourself,” Michelangelo’s David, & Mark Z. Danielewski’s 'House of Leaves'.

How to Write When the Going Gets Tough

Column by Riki Cleveland February 21, 2017
If you’ve ever found yourself unable to create in the bleakest of times, here are several ways to find your love for writing once again.

5 Exercises From Comics Creators That Will Save Your Prose

Column by Peter Derk
Save your prose, save the day. Let comics creators show you how.

Creative Influence Isn't an Excuse for Plagiarism

Column by Daniel Hope March 13, 2014
Combinatorial creativity means that our work is a combination of all the influences and experiences in our lives, but it can't be used as an excuse for plagiarism, as Shia LaBeouf so perfectly shows.

Write Drunk: The Science of Altered States and Creativity

Column by Rob Blair Young March 11, 2014
The idea that altered states lead to creativity is an established cultural "wisdom." But is the "write drunk" mentality accurate? I look at the science while conducting a study of my own.

Why Being Creative Is A Lot Less Difficult Than You Think

Column by Cath Murphy February 19, 2014
If you listen to the creativity experts you'd think you have to live a life of childlike, wild abandon to get a single word on the page. But creativity really isn't that complicated.

Magical Thinking and Santa Claus: How Holidays Help Create Writers

Column by Leah Dearborn
Magical thinking, including an early belief in Santa Claus, may play a role in how imagination and creativity develop.

Did Ender's Game Rip Off The Dueling Machine?

Column by Daniel Hope October 31, 2013
A critical look at the rumor that 'Ender's Game' is a ripoff of 'The Dueling Machine', and a discussion of what creativity and originality means.