Not Getting Into Pitch Wars Isn't the Universe's Message to Me

Column by Karis Rogerson November 23, 2021
Karis Rogerson reflects on the devastation of not making it into Pitch Wars this year, and affirms that writing is her calling, whether or not she gets rejected.

7 Tips to Increase Your Odds of Placing in Poetry Contests

Column by Annie Neugebauer November 22, 2017
Playing to the judges: There’s a decent amount of money to be made winning poetry contests – if you reach a point where you can consistently place. Here are 7 tips to increase your odds.

How Running A Writing Contest For Kids Can Change Your Life (or at least your perspective...)

Column by Leah Rhyne May 18, 2016
This spring I ran a small writing contest at my child's elementary school. It was the best writing job I've ever imagined.
Write an Essay, Win a Movie Theatre

Write an Essay, Win a Movie Theatre

News by Raine Winters
Seems like a fair deal to me!
Writing Contest: David Wellington's Fear Project ($1000 prize)

Writing Contest: David Wellington's Fear Project ($1000 prize)

News by Max Booth III December 12, 2014
Terrify David Wellington and win $1000.

NaNoWriMo vs. The Three-Day Novel Contest: Pros and Cons

Column by Leah Dearborn November 5, 2014
Are you a tortoise or a hare? NaNoWriMo isn't the only writing marathon, and participating in different challenges can help you discover more about your own habits.
Guardian Announces Monthly Prize For Self-Published Novels

Diamonds In The Roughest: Guardian Announces Monthly Prize For Self-Published Novels

News by Peter Derk April 10, 2014
The Guardian has announced a monthly prize for the best-of-the-best self-published novels.
Literary Classics, In Lego Form

Literary Classics, In Lego Form

News by Sean May February 14, 2014
A contest put on by UK-based bookstore Waterstones is asking entrants to recreate their favorite moments from literature with Lego.
Amazon Breakthrough Novel Contest

Amazon Announces 2013 Breakthrough Novel Award Contest

News by Christopher Shultz December 18, 2012
With bigger advances and more categories to choose from, Amazon hopes to make this their best contest yet.
America's Next Author Contest

Are You America’s Next Author? If So, Then You Could Win $5,000!

News by Rob Hart September 24, 2012
Billed as a social writing contest and modeled on American Idol, America's Next Author will win $5,000 and help with publishing a book. First and second runner up each get $500.
Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest: The Worst Sentence of 2012

Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest: The Worst Sentence of 2012

News by Dave Reuss August 13, 2012
And the award goes to...
The LitInk Contest Winners!

The Winners Of LitInk: LitReactor's Literary Tattoo Showdown

News by Rob Hart April 13, 2012
We picked one male and one female winner--and here they are, in their tattooed glory.

LitInk: LitReactor's Literary Tattoo Showdown

Column by Rob Hart April 6, 2012
Got some sweet literary ink? Show it off here and you could win some swank prizes, including a free eBook and a six-month membership to our writing workshop!
Lord of the Flies cover contest

'Lord Of The Flies' is Getting a Makeover, Courtesy of Actual Teenagers

News by Hanna Brooks Olsen February 28, 2012
Faber & Faber let teens try their hand at Designing the new cover for William Golding's 'Lord Of The Flies'. Turns out, they ain't half bad!
Romance Fiction Competition Bans Same-Sex Stories

Romance Fiction Competition Bans Stories With Same-Sex Love

News by Rob Hart February 8, 2012
An Oklahoma-based chapter of the Romance Writers of America sparked a bit of outrage recently when they banned same-sex fiction from a writing competition, leading them to cancel the contest.
Writer's Digest 81st Annual Writing Contest

Writer's Digest Kicks Off 81st Annual Writing Competition

News by Rob Hart January 23, 2012
Writer's Digest just announced its 81st Annual Writing Competition and the grand prize is pretty sweet: A pile of cash, a trip to New York City and attention from some agents and editors!