Twelve Twisted Tales For Christmas

Column by Christopher Shultz December 15, 2014
Ghosts, paranoid a-holes, junkies, jewel thiefs, killer Santas, and secret societies: these and more spell out Christmas for the weirdoes!

You're—I mean YOUR—Complete Grammarian Gift Guide

Column by Taylor Houston
10 Gifts for the Oxford-Comma-Obsessed Word Nerd in your life.

This Holiday Season, Give the Greatest Gift of All: Books!

Column by Rob Hart December 5, 2014
Rob offers a list of books he's constantly giving as gifts, with input from other LitReactor staffers. Because there's no better gift than a book.
Bookshots: 'Rudolph!: He is the Reason for the Season'

Bookshots: 'Rudolph!: He is the Reason for the Season' by Mark Teppo

Review by BH Shepherd
A weird, wild, ridiculous ride through a funhouse mirror version of Christmas folklore.
Survive The Holiday Party, Leave With Material

Survive The Holiday Party, Leave With Material

News by Peter Derk December 2, 2014
Got a rough holiday party coming up? No worries. LitReactor's here for you with a game that'll help get you through, and you might even collect some good material.

Santa’s Naughty Past: A Look at the Long, Hard History of Robert Devereaux’s Santa Claus Chronicles

Column by Cameron Pierce
In 1986, Robert Devereaux wrote the first book in a trilogy of weird, erotic Christmas novels. Nearly thirty years and some censorship controversy later, the trilogy has finally come to a close.

Just Give Me a Gift Card: A Holiday Lament for Book-Lovers

Column by Daniel Hope December 19, 2013
Even though we should be excited about receiving free books, the holidays fill book lovers with trepidation because we know loved ones will give us books we can't possibly enjoy.

LURID: Macabre Christmas - M.R. James

Column by Karina Wilson
M.R. James is acknowledged as King of The Christmas Ghost Story. Lurid takes a look at the chills his tales have been generating since the Edwardian era.

Wassailing with Wenceslas - Christmas Carol Origins

Column by Taylor Houston December 17, 2013
What does it mean 'to wassail'? Why did King Wenceslas go out on Boxing Day? Why does figgy pudding come with a lighter? Find out the origins of these and other odd Christmas Carol lyrics.

Dystropia: The Christmas Edition!

Column by Troy Farah
It's chilly, so in this month's Dystropia we'll explore some lesser-trodden Xmas cliches.

10 Reasons Why the Grinch Is Better than Santa Claus

Column by Daniel Hope
The Grinch deserves more attention as a fixture of the holiday season. He's better than Santa Claus in many ways.

Fifteen Twisted Christmas Tales

Column by Christopher Shultz December 10, 2013
For an offbeat, weird, macabre and twisted holiday, look no further than this list.

Ten Unbeatable Holiday Gifts for Book Lovers

Column by Kimberly Turner December 6, 2013
Why endure door-bustin’ mall shenanigans when you can find perfect gifts without leaving the comfort of home? We've got you covered with 10 presents sure to delight every bibliophile on your list.
First Lady reads at Children's National Medical Centre

First Lady Reading “ ’Twas The Night Before Christmas” - But Bo Steals the Show

News by Dean Fetzer
When First Lady Michelle Obama went to Children's National Medical Centre to read "'Twas The Night Before Christmas," not a creature was stirring except the First Family's dog.

Ghostly Doppelgangers, Bell-Ringing Goblins, and More Cranky Old Rich Jerks: Get in the Holiday Spirit With Some Lesser Known Dickens

Column by Taylor Houston
Can't get enough Dickens at Christmas time? Check out his lesser-known holiday-themed works.

Five Cheap DIY Gifts For Book Lovers

Column by Kimberly Turner December 13, 2012
A group of recession-struck friends attempt to save money by creating book-related craft gifts and discover that Martha Stewart's tranquil portrayal of the DIY process is a dirty, dirty lie.

Have You Been Good This Year? 10 Awesome Holiday Gifts For Bookworms

Column by Meredith Borders December 7, 2012
The biggest, best, and most covetable book gifts this holiday season.

The Magic of Christmas: An Advent Calendar of Fantasy Fiction

Column by Rajan Khanna December 5, 2012
Christmas has been the inspiration for many fantasy short stories. Here are 24, one for each day leading up to Christmas.
President Obama & Daughters Indie Bookstore Small Business Saturday

President Obama and Daughters Support Indie Bookstore on Small Business Saturday

News by Dan Shewan November 26, 2012
President Barack Obama and his two daughters went shopping at an independent bookstore in Arlington, Virginia, on Small Business Saturday.

Buying Guide: How To Shop For A Writer This Holiday Season

Column by Rob Hart December 16, 2011
Are you buying for a writer this holiday season? Here's a guide to the gifts that will win you their love and respect.
Barnes & Noble makes annual naughty list

Barnes & Noble Not Christmas-y Enough, Says Religious Right

News by Rob Hart December 15, 2011
The American Family Association put big-box bookseller Barnes & Noble on their annual "naughty" list because their holiday ads say "Happy Holidays" instead of "Merry Christmas."

10 Gift Ideas No Book Lover Can Live Without This Holiday Season

Column by Meredith Borders December 9, 2011
Stumped on what to buy Dad, Mom, your friends, your fella or your lady? Allow us to help.