The Birthing of "Dream Pop Origami"

Column by Jackson Bliss July 26, 2022
Jackson Bliss avoids the typical memoir narrative by giving control to the reader.

Can I Survive ONE Choose Your Own Adventure Book?

Column by Peter Derk August 10, 2016
Ready to die a thousand deaths?

Choose Your New Adventure: The Resurgence of Interactive Storytelling

Column by Kelly Thompson July 12, 2013
A rash of cool projects— and at least one perplexing one— have made "Choose Your Own Adventure" stories all the rage once again. What nostalgic gimmick will be next?
Choose Your Own Adventure movies

Choose Your Own Adventure Series Heading for the Big Screen...Wait, Huh?

News by Christopher Shultz June 13, 2013
Hollywood won't let any 1980s throwback go unfilmed, even if it's unfilmable.
Choose Your Own Adventure Goes Digital

Choose Your Own Adventure Goes Digital With Specially Designed eBooks

News by Christopher Shultz November 23, 2012
The venerable second-person narrative series finds new life on the tablet platform. Will these slick reissues stand up to the originals?
New Software Lets You Write "Choose Your Own Adventure" Books

Auto-Authoring: Software Helps You Write "Choose Your Own Adventure" Books

News by Dave Reuss July 27, 2012
We all read them as kids— now it's time to write your own.