Even Writers Can Participate In Take Your Kid to Work Day

Column by Stephanie Bonjack April 26, 2018
Some professions offer the most amazing stuff for kids to interact with on Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day. And others have, well, computers. How to make the day interesting and memorable.

Storyville: Introducing Your Children to Horror

Column by Richard Thomas July 25, 2016
A guide to turning your kids on to horror.

Writing And Parenting: A Survival Guide

Column by Rob Hart August 28, 2015
Debut father and debut novelist Rob Hart talks to other parent-writers about baby-proofing bookshelves, finding time to write, and how to keep proprieties in order.

Give: Volunteer Your Cow Fart Knowledge As A Writer

Column by Peter Derk
Cow farts, swear words, and some good reasons to volunteer. 'Tis the season.
The Boy Who Drew Monsters

Bookshots: "The Boy Who Drew Monsters"

Review by Ed Sikov October 6, 2014
Similar to seeing dead people, the boy in 'The Boy Who Drew Monsters' draws dead people. Shipwreck dead people, to be exact.
Children of the iPad Finding it Difficult to Learn How to Type

Children of the iPad Finding it Difficult to Learn How to Type

News by Dean Fetzer October 22, 2013
A report in the Boston Globe says that kids growing up with the digital technology of tablets and smartphones “are having a problem learning how to use QWERTY keyboards”.

How Precocious is Too Precocious? Writing Smart but Believable Kids

Column by Leah Dearborn September 26, 2013
There’s a fine line that authors tread when writing from a child's perspective. A balance must be found between a voice that is unrealistically adult, and one that is too naive to be engaging.
World Book Day 'Biggest Book Show on Earth'

World Book Day Aims to be 'Biggest Book Show on Earth'

News by Dean Fetzer
With a target of 750,000 children, tomorrow’s World Book Day in the UK looks like it will be the biggest ever.
Children Woefully Ignorant Of Characters In Literature

We Don't Need No Education: Children Woefully Ignorant Of Characters In Literature

News by Dave Reuss June 20, 2012
A recent study suggests kids readily forget characters from literature due to the rise of TV and video game entertainment.
Occupy Coloring Book

Occupy Wall Street: The Coloring Book!

News by Brandon Tietz November 3, 2011
Yes, more Occupy Wall Street stuff. This time it's all about the kiddos.
Amazon under fire for selling serial killer's children's book

Amazon Courts Controversy By Selling A Children's Book Penned By A Serial Killer

News by Rob Hart November 3, 2011
Amazon is under fire for selling a children's book that was allegedly written by a serial killer.