Elizabeth Bennet: The Original Manic Pixie Dream Girl?

Column by Leah Rhyne January 19, 2017
Let's dig into the Manic Pixie Dream Girl trope to see if, perhaps, Jane Austen created the original: Elizabeth Bennet of 'Pride and Prejudice'.

Buy Your Villain a Birthday Present: 5 More Development Exercises

Column by Leah Dearborn August 11, 2016
Here are a few more prompts to get the mind juices going as you sit down and get to know your characters:

Embracing the Brutal Brilliance of Pixar

Column by Leah Dearborn
Although predominantly a children’s movie studio, Pixar is notorious for creating highly empathetic characters and then breaking viewer’s hearts by putting them through hell and back.

'Orange Is The New Black' and the Downgraded Protagonist

Column by Christopher Shultz August 5, 2015
There once was a show about a girl named Piper, but no more. And that might be the best thing going for Netflix's hit series.

5 Ways to Fall in Love with Your Character

Column by Raine Winters June 23, 2015
These tips and tricks may help you find love again!

5 Realty Listings That Could Be Your Character’s New Home

Column by Leah Dearborn February 27, 2015
Sometimes, a house can read like a main character in itself.

Take Your Characters Out to Lunch: 5 Development Exercises

Column by Leah Dearborn July 11, 2014
Like going on a date, character exercises are part of the process of getting to know another person better (in this case, an imaginary person).

Marlowe and Me: Jumping Off the Hay Truck

Column by Nik Korpon August 28, 2013
Marlowe and Me follows Nik Korpon's attempts to write better crime fiction by watching his toddler. In this installment: That toddler questions the validity of outlining novels.

7 Things Dungeons & Dragons Taught Me About Storytelling

Column by Rob Blair Young July 3, 2013
A nerdy confessional where I go back through some tabletop RPG experiences that taught me valuable storytelling truths.

The Only Question Every Story Must Answer

Column by BH Shepherd February 26, 2013
There is only one question that truly matters. What is it, and how do you answer it?

Writing Beyond the Good/Bad Character Dichotomy

Column by Jon Gingerich November 26, 2012
Crafting unique characters is a delicate process. Here’s a few tips to help writers bring life and color to the people in their stories.