A Literary Nerd in Prague

Column by Rob Hart August 27, 2013
From the Kafka Museum to the Sedlec Ossuary to its plethora of bookstores, Prague is a great destination for literary nerds.
Borders in Jurong, Singapore

Borders Bookstore to Reopen—in Singapore

News by Dean Fetzer August 2, 2013
A company in Singapore has purchased the Borders identity and plans to open one store in Jurong, Singapore.

Artists Manually Alters Definition of Marriage in Libraries and Bookstores

News by Christopher Shultz July 18, 2013
HACKmarriage wants to see traditional definitions of marriage disappear, and they've decided to take matters into their own hands.
Stephen King Joyland Stand prequel

King Delays "Joyland" eBook Release and Releases 88-page Prequel Poem to ‘The Stand’

News by Dean Fetzer May 21, 2013
The author was an early adopter of eBooks, famously releasing ‘Riding the Bullet’ for $2.50, but it seems he’s supporting bookshops now — and releasing a poem he wrote in college about Randall Flagg.
Chairman to buy Barnes & Noble's stores and website

Chairman of Barnes & Noble Wants to Buy Retail Side of the Chain

News by Dean Fetzer February 26, 2013
A new twist in the on-going soap opera surrounding the last major bookstore chain in the U.S. could see Leonard Riggio buy the stores and website — but not the Nook.
Victoria Barnsley thinks bookstores need to charge to browse

Bookshops Charging for Browsing? That’s Crazy!

News by Dean Fetzer February 12, 2013
Harper Collins CEO Victoria Barnsley seems to think that in this time of shrinking revenues for brick and mortar shops that the idea of charging to let you browse is "not that insane".
Borders Sign Goes to Auction

Borders Sign Goes to Auction, Letter by Letter

News by Christopher Shultz January 28, 2013
The now defunct retail chain's logo has a chance to help other struggling booksellers.
Books of Wonder Needs Your Help!

Struggling NYC Children's Bookstore Needs Your Help!

News by Christopher Shultz
Books of Wonder starts an online campaign to save their store.
Brooklyn’s BookCourt Best Bookstore in NYC

Brooklyn’s BookCourt Named Best Bookstore in NYC

News by Dan Shewan
The Village Voice recently named Brooklyn's BookCourt as the best bookstore in New York City.
Booksales up for 2012

Shockingly Rosy Reports Show an Increase in Actual Booksales, in Actual Bookstores

News by Hanna Brooks Olsen March 28, 2012
eBooks? Please. According to new market reports, people are still buying actual books--and kind of a lot of them. Who said publishing was dead?
home depot To Stop Selling Books

Home Depot, Literary Magnate, To Stop Selling Books

News by Hanna Brooks Olsen March 8, 2012
Home Depot delivered a crushing blow to the publishing world this week: they will no longer be selling books in their stores, meaning home repair enthusiasts may be driven into actual libraries.

Indie Bookstore Spotlight: The Strand, New York City

Column by Ed Sikov February 2, 2012
Eight miles of smelly used books - a reader's paradise in New York City.

Indie Bookstore Spotlight: The Poisoned Pen Bookstore, Scottsdale, Arizona

Column by Keith Rawson
Part of an ongoing series profiling some of the best independent bookstores in the country. In this installment: The Poisoned Pen Bookstore in Scottsdale Arizona.
John Hinckley Jr. Reads Assassination Book

Would-be Assassin Reportedly Fixated on Books... About Assassinating Presidents

News by John Jarzemsky January 25, 2012
John Hinckley Jr. is looking to gain more freedom, but two secret service agents observed some "odd" behavior in the past year at the local Barnes & Noble...

Book-buying Faux Pas: Showrooming

News by Brandon Tietz December 5, 2011
Bookstores claim this practice is one of the main reasons their business is suffering.

Does Borders Demise Signal the Death of Bookstores?

Column by John Jarzemsky November 23, 2011
A brief look at the demise of Borders, and the lessons that other brick and mortar retailers need to learn.