How (Not) to Find Your Next Favorite Book

Column by Kleopatra Olympiou May 6, 2022
Stare into the author's magnetizing gaze, the bokeh of nature and bookshelves behind them: “Come with me,” they say, “I write exquisitely without trying very hard.”
"Head Cleaner" by David James Keaton: Cover Reveal and Excerpt

"Head Cleaner" by David James Keaton: Cover Reveal and Excerpt

News by Joshua Chaplinsky March 14, 2022
High-concept hijinks from the last Blockbuster on earth and "The Last Projector" author David James Keaton.

Mistakes I Made With My Self-Published Book Covers

Column by Peter Derk May 3, 2021
Don't follow in my footsteps. Don't repeat my mistakes.

A Short Tour of Gimmick Covers

Column by Peter Derk
Punch some holes, break out the foil, and if you've got tasteful nudes, save 'em for something else. Taste has no place in the world of gimmick covers.

The Hottest Summer Trends in Books, Reading, and Writing

Column by Peter Derk June 11, 2020
The hottest trends in literature for summer? We got you.

The 10 Best Book Covers of 2016

Column by George Cotronis January 13, 2017
It's time to get ornery, because here is my annual list of the best book covers of the year.

What A $5 Book Cover Looks Like

Column by Peter Derk
Thinking about self publishing? Thinking about spending 5 bucks to get a cover made? Read this first.
Cover Reveal For Alan Moore's Million Word Novel

Cover Reveal For Alan Moore's Million Word Novel

News by Peter Derk April 13, 2016
'Jerusalem', Alan Moore's million-word novel, has a cover. Spoiler: it's weird.

The Best Horror Book Covers. Ever!

Column by George Cotronis October 15, 2015
We take a look at the best horror book covers ever made. According to me.

DIY Book Covers for the Self Publishing-Inclined Part 2

Column by George Cotronis June 25, 2015
You've learned how to combine stock images to create vaguely interesting book covers. Time to learn some easy typography tricks.

DIY Book Covers for the Self Publishing-Inclined

Column by George Cotronis May 28, 2015
You wrote a book and you've decided to self-publish. You need a book cover. I'll teach you how to make one even if your artistic ability leaves something to be desired.

Path to Publication 3.7: What Goes Into Designing A Book Cover?

Column by Rob Hart May 18, 2015
What goes into designing a cover? If you're with a publisher willing to work with you, it's a fun, collaborative process. Rob breaks it down, from comps to finished product.

Always Judge a Book by its Cover: Meet the Artists Dominating Small Press (Part 1)

Column by Max Booth III February 20, 2015
Whoever told you not to judge a book by its cover must have been trying to sell you one ugly-ass book.

5 Classic Authors Who Hated Their Book Covers (and One Who Got His Ass Kicked as a Result)

Column by Robert Bieselin July 7, 2014
Some classic authors who ridiculed designers, drew up legal clauses in the wake of bad covers, and, yes, even called publishers “fucking pigs.”

What Type Can Do (And How It Can Maybe – But Probably Won’t – Save the Global Economy)

Column by Robert Bieselin June 17, 2014
The Importance of Typography and the Fall of Capitalism (or, "everything I need to know, I learned by dressing like Billi Gordon in “Coming to America” and eating a deep-dish pizza in a hammock.")

A Vague, Illustrated History of Modern Book Design in 19 Covers (and 7-10 Taco References)

Column by Robert Bieselin May 14, 2014
The history of book cover design — now with fencing, fighting, torture, revenge and plenty of delicious tacos!

How to Judge Books (Real or Imaginary) by Their Covers

Column by Robert Bieselin
Everyone knows you’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover. What this column presupposes is, maybe you should?

Big In Japan: 12 Japanese Covers of Popular Bestsellers

Column by Joshua Chaplinsky August 26, 2013
I went to Japan. Are their book covers as crazy as their food and their game shows? You be the judge.

Priming The Pump: Selling Your eBook On Amazon Isn't As Easy As It Seems

Column by Erik Wecks August 5, 2013
Today, eBooks have created more opportunities for indie authors than ever before, but it is one thing to publish an eBook. It's another to make it sell.

10 More Hysterical, Offensive, Ridiculous, Controversial, Frightening, Sexy Book Covers

Column by Joshua Chaplinsky May 30, 2013
They say don't judge a book by its cover, but these designs make it awfully hard not to. Maybe even more so than the previous batch.

Cover Battles: Classic Book Redesigns vs. Original Art

Column by Kimberly Turner April 19, 2013
Old vs New. Classic vs Pulpy. Depressing vs Chick Lit-y. Classy vs Cheesy. What will win LitReactor's battle of the book covers? Take a look at these redesigns of literary classics and cast your vote.
Different covers, same book - but which one's better?

Annual ‘Judging Books By Their Covers’ Competition Picks Best Covers in U.S. and U.K.

News by Dean Fetzer February 19, 2013
U.K. vs. U.S.: competition brings up surprising differences in approach to book cover design.
The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath 50th Ann

New 50th Anniversary Edition of ‘The Bell Jar’ Sparks Anger Over ‘Chick-Lit’ Cover

News by Dean Fetzer February 4, 2013
It’s been 50 years since the first publication of Sylvia Plath’s only book and the new cover has attracted wide-spread criticism.