Use Your Library to Save Your Library

Column by Peter Derk
If you're worried about your library shutting down, I can help. And if you're not worried about your library shutting down, you should be.

Conservative vs. Liberal Book Bans

Column by Peter Derk December 23, 2021
Book bans: why do conservatives do it, why do liberals do it, and why should they both knock it off?

6 Banned Books to Celebrate Banned Books Week

Column by Emmanuel Nataf September 24, 2021
This year’s Banned Books Week runs on the theme “Books unite us. Censorship divides us.” These six written works demonstrate exactly why it’s important that we celebrate our right to read.

8 Reasons We Should Listen To Book Banners

Column by Peter Derk
Sometimes a friendly ear can save a book.

Library Love: A Rough Timeline of Lost Libraries

Column by Leah Dearborn November 17, 2015
From Iraq to Los Angeles, countless libraries have been lost to war, fire, and “progress.”
2014's Most Frequently Challenged Books

ALA List of 2014's Most Frequently Challenged Books Released

News by Raine Winters April 15, 2015
Take a look at this past year's most controversial books.
Cops Cool with Banned Book Distribution

Cops Cool with Banned Book Distribution

News by Peter Derk April 30, 2014
Police were called to respond to the handing out of Sherman Alexie's 'Absolutely True Diary Of A Part-Time Indian' on World Book Night.
Frequently Challenged Book List

Bad Boys: American Library Association Releases Frequently Challenged Book List

News by Peter Derk April 16, 2014
The ALA has released its annual list of Frequently Challenged books. And the winners are...
Neverwhere Cover

New Mexico School Temporarily Bans Neil Gaiman's "Neverwhere"

News by Nathan Scalia October 16, 2013
Neil Gaiman's "Neverwhere" is being considered for a ban by a New Mexico high school after a student's mother complained. Because what else is new?
Invisible Man, Helen Lovejoy

Ralph Ellison's "Invisible Man" Banned By North Carolina Schools

News by Christopher Shultz September 20, 2013
Citing "a lack of literary" merit, the novel— widely considered a classic piece of literature— will soon disappear from school library shelves in Randolph County, N.C.
Anti-War Manga Series Restored to School Library After Ban

Anti-War Manga Restored to School Libraries After Ban

News by Dean Fetzer August 28, 2013
Hadashi No Gen, or Barefoot Gen, a classic series based on author Keiji Nakazawa's experiences of the bombing of Hiroshima, was removed from school libraries after being deemed too violent.
Diary of Anne Frank Too ‘Pornographic’ for 7th-Graders

Diary of Anne Frank Too ‘Pornographic’ for 7th-Graders

News by Dean Fetzer April 30, 2013
A Michigan parent has filed a formal complaint with the school district on the grounds that passages of the diary of a young Jewish girl during the Holocaust are ‘inappropriate’.
Turkey Lifts Ban on Thousands of Books

Turkey Lifts Ban on Thousands of Books

News by Christopher Shultz
Communism, Comics, and Sex, Oh My! These subjects and many others are now a-okay in Turkey's law books.
The Most Dangerous Game Joel McCrea

“The Most Dangerous Game” Goes Too Far For Colorado Mom

News by Dean Fetzer November 6, 2012
The mother of a Brighton, Colorado, 8th-grader was shocked to discover a homework assignment requiring him to answer questions about the short story, in light of a recent child abduction and murder.

Should Some Books Be Banned?

Column by Cath Murphy October 19, 2012
Book bans are the work of oppressive dictatorships and should be resisted, right? Maybe it isn't that simple.
Author To Spend Week In Jail Made Of Books

My Own Prison: Author To Spend Week In Jail Made Of Books

News by Dave Reuss August 16, 2012
In a move rich with symbolism, an author will spend Banned Books Week in a prison of his own making.
Sister Margaret Farley

Vatican's Condemnation Of Nun's Sex Book Turns It Into Bestseller

News by Kimberly Turner June 7, 2012
Six years after it was published, Sister Margaret Farley's book on sexual ethics has become a bestseller with the unintentional help of a Vatican reprimand.
Most Frequently Challenged Books In 2011

Behold, The Most Frequently Challenged Library Books In 2011

News by Rob Hart April 9, 2012
The American Library Association has released its annual list of most frequently challenged library books, which includes such transgressive literature as 'The Hunger Games' and 'Brave New World.'

The Age of No Controversy

Column by John Jarzemsky February 22, 2012
No riots in the streets, no bonfire rallys, no blood in the gutter...are we living in an age of controversy-free literature?
Arizona Bans More Books

Is Arizona Trolling the Rest of the Country?

News by John Jarzemsky February 14, 2012
New bill proposed in Arizona would make it illegal for teachers to swear in the privacy of their own homes.
Tuscon Bans Ethnic Books

Tucson Unified School District Says Banned Books Aren't Really Banned

News by John Jarzemsky January 19, 2012
Spokespersons for the Tucson Unified School District say the banning of several textbooks has been "widely and incorrectly reported."