Ask the Grammarian: How "snuck" sneaked in...

Column by Taylor Houston February 24, 2014
How "snuck" sneaked into the English language and we totally let it.

Ask the Grammarian with Taylor Houston - Now Taking Your Questions

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I'm like your personal editor, so ask me a grammar or usage question!

Ask the Grammarian: Missing Semi-colons, Distinguishing Dashes, and Punctuating Quotations

Column by Taylor Houston October 23, 2013
The elusive semi-colon, confusing dashes, and where-oh-where to put the punctuation in quoted material.

Ask the Grammarian: Multiple Hopes, Lay vs. Lie, Basically Useless Vocabulary, and a Stumper

Column by Taylor Houston September 23, 2013
In this episode, we will attack the grammatical conundrums in the following sentence: Basically, our hopes have lay with the children.

Ask the Grammarian: 'Too' Many Commas, Sentence Fragments, and Rhetoric

Column by Taylor Houston August 19, 2013
Where to put (or not put) commas with the word 'too', my opinion on sentence fragments, and a dicussion of rhetoric that could get me in trouble.

Ask The Grammarian With Taylor Houston—Now Taking Your Questions

Column by Taylor Houston August 7, 2013
Got a burning question about grammar or usage? Ask Taylor Houston, LitReactor's grammar columnuist, for help.