‘Good Sex, Great Prayers’: A Journey in Publication (Part 3: Art & Stuff)

Column by Brandon Tietz January 31, 2013
In this third installment of the "Good Sex, Great Prayers" series, Brandon Tietz discusses the process of designing the novel and the common pitfalls beginning authors fall into.

Are You Gonna Write for Money or Art?

Column by Cath Murphy January 7, 2013
Fifty Shades author E L James is PW's publishing person of the year. Hilary Mantel wins the Booker for the second time. They made their choices between commercial and literary fiction. What about you?
Ocean at the End of the Lane art

Amazing Art for Neil Gaiman's New Book Revealed, Author Announces Final Book Tour

News by Christopher Shultz December 20, 2012
As new hints at his highly anticipated seventh novel appear, Gaiman plans to disappear.
The Great Book-Spine Poetry Challenge

The Great Book-Spine Poetry Challenge

News by Kimberly Turner August 7, 2012
Inspired by artist Nina Katchadourian's delightful 'Sorted Books' project, LitReactor wants to see your best book-spine poetry. Start sorting!
Vulture: Real Covers For Fake Books

Real Covers For Fake Books

News by Kimberly Turner July 6, 2012
Designer Daniel Gray has created cover art for books that exist only in movies. Any takers to write the books to go with them?
Kyle MacDonald Dewritten Book

You Can Own This 'Dewritten' Book For $345.67

News by Rob Hart May 18, 2012
Writer Kyle MacDonald, known for the red paperclip project, is selling a book that he "dewrote" using black felt pens, creating unique poems and phrases from pre-existing words and passages.
Bowling Ball Books

Artists' Project Creates Books That Are Unreadable Murder Weapons

News by Rob Hart March 28, 2012
Los Angeles-based artist Eddy Sykes is creating book sculptures out of old bowling balls. They look very cool.
Lord of the Flies cover contest

'Lord Of The Flies' is Getting a Makeover, Courtesy of Actual Teenagers

News by Hanna Brooks Olsen February 28, 2012
Faber & Faber let teens try their hand at Designing the new cover for William Golding's 'Lord Of The Flies'. Turns out, they ain't half bad!

hitRECord: Where the Wild Things Are

Column by Joe Daly February 6, 2012
From his visionary and innovative online community, hitRECord, actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt is changing the way we look at the Internet from "Hey, look at me," to "Hey, let's do this."

Change the World: Write Your Manifesto

Column by Taylor Houston January 25, 2012
You are a writer— an artiste! A creator of beauty and meaning. A cultural commentator. A revolutionary! It's about damn time you wrote your manifesto!
Van Gogh Tyson

Perhaps Van Gogh Didn't Kill Himself

News by Brandon Tietz October 19, 2011
New evidence suggests celebrated artist Vincent van Gogh didn't actually kill himself.