American Booksellers to Fight Amazon Through Negative Publicity

American Booksellers Association CEO Urges Members to Attack Amazon With Negative Publicity

News by Dean Fetzer
Owen Teicher’s calls on ABA members to put the spotlight on Amazon’s problematic business practices.
Freebook Sifter

New Web Tool Aggregates Free eBooks

News by Christopher Shultz August 5, 2013
'Freebook Sifter' cuts out all those expensive eBooks and gives you what you want—the freebies!

Priming The Pump: Selling Your eBook On Amazon Isn't As Easy As It Seems

Column by Erik Wecks August 5, 2013
Today, eBooks have created more opportunities for indie authors than ever before, but it is one thing to publish an eBook. It's another to make it sell.
Kurt Vonnegut, Kindle Worlds

Kurt Vonnegut Cleared for Kindle Worlds Fanfic

News by Christopher Shultz August 2, 2013
The author of Slaughterhouse Five, Breakfast of Champions, and many other novels is now fair game in the officially sanctioned Amazon platform.
Obama Kindle Singles Interview, Oren Teicher

American Booksellers Association Protest Obama Over Kindle Singles Interview, Amazon Support

News by Christopher Shultz August 1, 2013
The President's remarks on the state of journalism, plus a recent speech in front of an Amazon warehouse, have raised the ire of indie booksellers.
Amazon Denied .amazon Domain Name

Amazon Denied .amazon Domain Name

News by Christopher Shultz July 24, 2013
The online retailer's hopes of having their very own chunk of the internet name game were dashed by ICANN last week.
Amazon Patents ‘DVD Extras’ for eBooks

New Amazon Patent Seeks to Add “DVD Extras” to eBooks

News by Dean Fetzer July 5, 2013
In another new application, the retail giant has been awarded a patent aimed at enhancing your reading experience with “personalized content”.
Outlier Digital From Twilight Producers

Outlier Digital to Compete with Kindle Worlds... with Twilight?

News by Dean Fetzer
Producers of the ‘Twilight’ movies plans to “set fan fiction free” with their new digital imprint.
Amazon Publishing Has First Million-Copy Hit

‘Hangman’s Daughter’ Series Sells Over a Million Copies for Amazon Publishing

News by Dean Fetzer
Amazon’s publishing venture gets its first million-copy seller with the popular three-volume series.
Amazon Takes Readers on a Trip With New Discovery Tool

New Amazon eBook Discovery Tool Takes Readers “Around the World in 80 Books”

News by Dean Fetzer
The online giant has just unveiled “a curated map of books from the book editors at” for a literary world trip, with 80 new and classic books representing each continent.
Amazon Storyteller

Amazon Studios Launches Storyteller, an Automated Storyboarding Service

News by Christopher Shultz
Give that old screenplay a spruce up with some nifty graphics, and maybe Amazon will pick it up.
Indie Book Stores to Sell Kindles?

Amazon Reportedly Soliciting Indie Booksellers to Sell Kindles In-Store

News by Christopher Shultz June 6, 2013
Seemingly oblivious to their widespread dislike, the online retail giant hopes to form a beneficial partnership with the little guys.
Amazon's 'Kindle Worlds' Fan Fiction

New Amazon Publishing Platform - 'Kindle Worlds' - for Fan Fiction

News by Dean Fetzer May 28, 2013
The online giant has come up with a new way to make money: publish all that fan fiction out there — under license of course.
Children's publisher turns back on Amazon

Award-winning Children’s Publisher Leaves Amazon

News by Dean Fetzer
Is the worm turning? Barefoot Books has cut ties with the online giant on the grounds it “has turned its books into commodities and undermined its way of doing business”.
2013 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Finalists

2013 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Winners Announced

News by Dean Fetzer
Now in its sixth year, Amazon has released the category winners for their annual awards promoting unknown or unpublished authors.
Amazon Coins

Amazon Launches Their Own Currency, But You Can't Buy Books With It

News by Christopher Shultz
The online giant wants you to use Coins for apps and games. Will this venture take off?
Amazon Workers Sue Over Wait Times at Security Checkpoints

Amazon Workers Sue Over Wait Times at Security Checkpoints

News by Dean Fetzer May 9, 2013
In an effort to prevent theft of pricey electronics or other goods, the retailer instituted security checks - on the way out - for its warehouse staff, but the lengthy lines are causing problems.
Chad Leslie Peters Craigslist

Erotica Author Places Craigslist Ad Seeking Partner For An Affair

News by Christopher Shultz April 24, 2013
Chad Leslie Peters wants to write what he knows, and he needs a little help to do it...
David Risher Worldleader Org eBooks

Former Amazon Executive Launches Free eBooks App For Underdeveloped Countries

News by Christopher Shultz April 10, 2013
David Risher's Worldreader Organization believes everyone should have access to free books, and now he's made it even easier for those in need to get them.
Goodreads to Join the Amazon Family

Goodreads to Join the Amazon Family

News by Dean Fetzer March 29, 2013
The social networking site for readers has announced it’s joining forces with the bookselling giant.
Amazon Faces Fight Over '.Book' Domain

Amazon Facing Battle for Web Domain Names Like ‘.Book’

News by Dean Fetzer March 12, 2013
The online retailer is facing a fight from competitors and industry groups over its application for new domain names.
Amazon's got a problem with porn on the Kindle

The I̶n̶t̶e̶r̶n̶e̶t̶ Kindle is For Porn

News by Dean Fetzer March 8, 2013
Amazon has a problem with self-publishers producing pornography for distribution via Kindle — apparently it’s pretty easy.

Amazon Shakes Up Indie Book Marketing Starting March 1

Column by Erik Wecks February 28, 2013
Amazon made changes to their affiliate agreement last week which will reshape how eBooks are marketed and priced.
Indie Bookstores Sue Amazon, Big Six Over DRM

Indie Bookstores Sue Amazon, Big Six Over DRM

News by Christopher Shultz February 22, 2013
Amazon is currently the go-to place for eBooks. Three east coast bookshops and a lawyer hope to level out the playing field.