godless.com and the Evolution of Publishing

Column by Jay Wilburn
Finding alternatives to Amazon is risky. The success of godless.com may be a rare window into what is next in publishing.

Kindle Vella: What Is It?

Column by Peter Derk June 22, 2021
Let's break down Amazon's new publishing platform.

Viable Alternative Platforms with Potential for Author Income

Column by Jay Wilburn May 21, 2021
There are hundreds of places you can publish original work, but most of it is going on Amazon. Here are some alternatives for authors and readers to consider.

How To Help Indie Authors Without Spending A Penny

Column by Andrew Fowlow April 7, 2021
There are things you can start doing right now that will have a huge impact on an indie author and it won't even cost you a penny.

The Case for Amazon

Column by Peter Derk December 14, 2020
We've heard the bad. But is there some good in Amazon?

Support Independent Bookstores: The Bulwarks of Book Communities

Column by Karis Rogerson September 25, 2020
Karis Rogerson spoke to three booksellers about indie bookstores, their importance, and how to support them.

How To Help Out Writers During A Pandemic (and How Writers Can Help Themselves)

Column by Christopher Shultz
Some say writers are born for social distancing, but that may not be the case.

Can One-Star Reviews Still Convince Readers to Buy Books?

Column by Sadie Hartmann March 9, 2020
It's easy to assume that five-star, glowing reviews are able to convince readers to buy a book, but what about those ranty, complaining reviews from Negative Nancy? Do those sell books too?

Comics vs. Television: "The Boys"

Column by BH Shepherd
A critical comparison of "The Boys" season one and its comic book source material.

5 Reasons Amazon is a Necessary Evil

Column by Gabino Iglesias
I hate Amazon as much as you, but I also love it. Yeah, it's complicated. Here's why.

My Book Arrived in Good Condition, But the Writing Was Terrible

Column by J. David Osborne
What makes a good book review good? We investigate by looking at the different genres of "bad Amazon review."

Don’t Rate My Book Five Stars

Column by Max Booth III June 23, 2017
There is nothing in this world more honest than a three-star review.

Tech and Product Round-up: May Edition

Column by Christopher Shultz May 15, 2017
The ups and downs of Amazon, not so smart Smart Keyboards, and a spacey means of reining in app addiction.

13 Ways to Support an Author Without Ever Spending a Dime

Column by Steph Post April 18, 2017
A list of ways for readers to support their favorite authors without spending money on books.

Tech and Product Round-up: Janurary Edition

Column by Christopher Shultz January 18, 2017
It's back to the future and the past all up in here.

Tech and Product Round-up: Holiday Gift Guide Edition

Column by Christopher Shultz
Gifts that everyone wants under the Christmas tree this year...but do writers actually need them?

Tech and Product Round-up: October Edition

Column by Christopher Shultz October 26, 2016
Actually funny A.I., touch-feely Magic Bars, manga mania, and "The Return of Short Stories."

Tech and Product Round-up: August Edition

Column by Christopher Shultz August 16, 2016
Cool stuff from Amazon, not so cool stuff from Apple, and frakin awesome stuff from Scrivener.

Tech and Product Round-up: July Edition

Column by Christopher Shultz July 11, 2016
Writer-focused stories from Apple, Amazon, and third-party app developers

Why Readers are Lazy Fuckers and Why This Needs to Stop Right Now

Column by Cath Murphy May 12, 2016
Do you let Amazon tell you which books to read? If so you are a lazy fucker and this must stop right now.
Kindle VoiceView

Amazon Adapts Kindle for Visually Impaired Readers

News by Raine Winters May 11, 2016
VoiceView brings a new dimension to eReading.
The Newest Kindle Might Be The Ultimate "Me Time" Device

The Newest Kindle Might Be The Ultimate "Me Time" Device

News by Peter Derk April 13, 2016
Info about the new Kindle has leaked. 20 months of battery life? Waterproof? The ultimate "me time" device?
Amazon Developing Selfie Pay System

Amazon Developing Selfie Pay System

News by Raine Winters March 17, 2016
Take a picture, buy a book.

Sad Puppies and The Goosebumps Rap: The Best and Worst Things to Happen to Literature in 2015

Column by Max Booth III December 14, 2015
Here are the only important things that happened in 2015.
British Writer Attacks Teen Who Dissed His Book

British Writer Attacks Teen Who Dissed His Book

News by Raine Winters November 11, 2015
Stalking is not okay.