You Can Find Me In The Tub: Waterproof Books

You Can Find Me In The Tub: Waterproof Books

There's nothing quite like reading in the bath tub. Although most of us could certainly do without the continuous, low-level terror that comes with the risk of dropping a book into the water. Or the low-level terror of dropping a book in a bathtub full of gin if that's your preferred soaking medium. Hey, no one's judging.

A new Kickstarter project seeks to make some waterproof versions of classic literature meant for reading in the bath. Or at the beach. Or in a storm. Or, you know, wherever the age-old enemies, books and water, collide.

The project's creators pose the idea that waterproof books aren't just a convenience. Their proposal emphasizes the importance of bath tub books by saying there are three kinds of reading. Home reading, which consists of those little snippets of reading people do before bed. Airplane reading, which is a step up. And then Mindful Mode, reading that's "no cell phone, no iPads, just you, hot water, and a scented candle." It's the creators' stance that people will engage more deeply with books if they read them in Mindful Mode.

Check out the project's Kickstarter here.

Last book you read in the bath?

Mine was a romance novel where the bad guy had a rocket launcher equipped with a bayonet. I probably could have stood to be less mindful with that one.

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