Tom Piccirilli's Long Road To Recovery

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Tom Piccirilli's Long Road To Recovery

Tom Piccirilli, author of The Last Kind Words and Stoker Award winner The Night Class, is back home and resting after surgery. Last week we brought you the terrible news about his health condition, and we continue to follow his struggle. His wife Michelle keeps updating his Facebook page with his progress. Here is the last update, from yesterday morning:

Hi, this is Michelle. Tom is doing very well. Already walking a little without his walker, eating lots of organic food, sleeping and watching Mystery Science Theater with me. He sits downstairs and visits with family in the evening, the dogs right next to him as always. He never really believed that so many people's positive thoughts and prayers could make a difference in ones life but now he's changed his mind because of all of you. Tom and I both know he will make it through this. Thanks again to Shannon Piccirilli Wells (our guardian angel at Indiagogo), all the publishers and editors who have made sacrifices to help Tom, to family and friends who have brought lots of laughter and more healthy food than I can fit in our kitchen (and doggy treats too, thanks Elie) and to Anna Weitzell, who, knowing we were driving a car that had seen much better days, has given us a car. To Brian Keene and the original gang who are coming out to visit in a couple weeks (Tom can't wait to see you!), to everyone who has sent flowers and cards and private emails and most of all to everyone who took a minute to send prayers, good wishes and positive thoughts, thank you. You have done an amazing job helping Tom at the beginning of what is sure to be a happy outcome to this fight.

In previous updates, she said that the chemotherapist was very positive that this is a winnable fight. They will explore every possible avenue for Tom to beat this horrible disease. While the future looks a little brighter for him, you still can help Tom and Michelle with the upcoming avalanche of medical bills. The IndieGogo fundraiser is still up and will be until the end of October. You can also buy his books (or hers--  Michelle is also a published author) at your local bookstore or online. He has some great, inexpensive stuff up at the Crossroad Press site, ChiZine, and on the Kindle Store.

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Richard from St. Louis is reading various anthologies October 8, 2012 - 3:04pm

great news. i actually don't own much of his work so i picked up a few titles. SHALLOW CUT was the one i really wanted to read, but i hear great things about THE LAST KIND WORDS, too.