Thomas Pynchon to Publish New Novel

'The Bleeding Edge' by Thomas Pynchon

There's little to report at the moment, but if we're to believe the Tweets of Ron Charles, Fiction Editor at The Washington Post, then we can expect a new novel from Thomas Pynchon sometime this fall. Again, there's nothing set in stone-- no official date or plot details-- so any hardcore Pynchon fans should take Charles' advice and "chill out."

We do have a title: The Bleeding Edge. Again, this information comes from Ron Charles, who specified that the news was confirmed by two sources at Penguin, Pynchon's long-time publisher. Charles is a pretty reputable source in his own right, having won the National Book Critics Circle Nona Balakian Citation in 2009, amongst other accolades, so it's safe to assume the announcement, however scant, is accurate.

Pynchon's most recent book was 2009's Inherent Vice, which, as LitReactor's own Dean Fetzer reported last week, may soon be made into a film directed by Paul Thomas Anderson.

Who's excited for The Bleeding Edge's release, whenever that might be?

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