NPR App Reveals Readers Have Dirty Minds

NPR Readers Search For Books About Sex

It’s list time, as you'll already know if you’re a regular visitor to these pages, but National Public Radio (NPR) has taken a different approach: they looked at the tags people searched on, using their Concierge app and a mixture of up to 21 categories, to find new books. The results surprised them.

You've all got dirty, dirty minds.

Elevated tastes, to be sure, but dirty minds. Far and away, the most popular combination of tags you chose was Let's Talk About Sex, paired with Seriously Great Writing — a category that includes titles like Jillian Weise's The Book of Goodbyes ("hot, hip and heart-rending," says Craig Morgan Teicher) and James Salter's mammoth All That Is. And here's the kicker — while people browsing, say, biographies or science books were happy to do it from their desktops, a disproportionate number of you were looking up the sexy sexy books on mobile. Didn't want the boss looking over your shoulder, huh?

So NPR listeners readers (okay, app users) are looking for “seriously great writing” and sex. And?!? They even compiled a handy list of top book choices.

  • My Education Susan Choi
  • I Want to Show You More Jamie Quatro
  • Bobcat and Other Stories Rebecca Lee
  • Stay Up With Me Tom Barbash
  • The Woman Who Lost Her Soul Bob Shacochis

Other popular tags were Staff Picks, Kids’ books and Science Fiction and Fantasy. The most popular book appears to be Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell.

Similar to the Amazon bestseller list, it does have the merit of showing what people may actually be reading, rather than just an edited list of someone’s personal opinion. I guess the question I have is: would you use an app that’s obviously collecting data to search on books about sex? It does make me wonder…

You can see the complete lists here.

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