Neil Gaiman's Calendar of Tales Released

Neil Gaiman's Calendar of Tales Released

On February 6th, we reported on Neil Gaiman's latest social media project, Keep Moving, a partnership with Blackberry in which the author planned to craft short stories based on calendar-themed prompts created by fans on Twitter. Yesterday, the completed Calendar of Tales went live, with twelve stories representing each month of the year posted to the website. Each tale is also available to download as a PDF.

Gaiman spoke about the project on his blog, saying he wrote the stories "in three days of madness." He also states that each one is "very different."

Though the narratives have already published, Keep Moving isn't quite finished yet. Now Gaiman and Blackberry want people to submit artwork that corresponds to each tale. Head over to the Keep Moving website for submission information.

I haven't had a chance to read the stories yet, but from what I hear, they're alternately funny and heartbreaking. Has anyone here checked them out? Any favorites?

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