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Via Duo Consulting:

The fact that your eyeballs are skimming this page right now indicates that Kirk and Dennis, LitReactor's proud parents, have done something right. And while we usually reserve the "News" section for, you know, news of the literary variety, sometimes, like today, we are the news--and this time, it's for doing the right thing, according to the fine folks at Duo Consulting. Which, sure, is a nice pat on the back--but the article also contains a good list of tips for anyone who's hoping to have literary or journalistic success in the digital age. 

What Duo highlights about LitReactor are forward-thinking steps that Kirk and Dennis took before the launch of the site to ensure readership and familiarity. Theses steps aren't some kind of trade secret--they're basically the tools that just about any blogger or writer should also implement before starting any kind of online publishing endeavor. And they have merit for self-publishers, too.

Among the list of pre-launch strategies that Kirk and Dennis used are things like cross-promoting across channels, making the launch and word about the launch coincide in a timely manner, and being clear and focused, both in theory and in practice. All of which are great tips for just about anyone to get more eyes on their page.

Thinking of launching your own site or self-published work? Take a page from LitReactor's virtual guidebook. Read the full article, and let us know if it works for you.

Image: Day 225: Thumb Up! by Bryan Gosline on Flickr

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JeffreyCotton's picture
JeffreyCotton September 24, 2022 - 1:30am

LitReactor is a company that helps authors get their books into schools. They're also a platform that allows authors to find readers, and they've been using the same analytics tools as yours. Furher, check this site to find actual cost while builing an booking app. LitReactor is a site that helps writers find places to publish their work. It's pretty easy to use, and the service is completely free. The site is part of a larger philosophy that writers should be able to market themselves without having to sell themselves.