Do Not Pass Go: Woman Jailed For Not Returning Twilight To Library

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Woman Jailed For Not Returning Twilight To Library

Via NY Daily News:

If you ever go to jail and the surly prisoners surround you and ask, "What are you in for?", the answer of "overdue library books" might make you look like the toughest nerd around.

A New Mexico woman had a little sleepover in the local jail because she had failed to pay a fine of $35.98 for Twilight and the DVD of The Twilight Saga: New Moon, which she took out and never returned to her local library. Keep in mind that the cops weren't out searching for her, but when they showed up for an alleged assault charge against her husband, they saw her warrant and picked her up. Sadly, no one asked her if either the book or the movie were worth going to jail over.

As it turns out, cities can (and will) issue arrest warrants for overdue books, which is good information for any criminally minded library patrons out there.

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Nice. Now we just need to work on the concentration camps for people reading Fitty Shades.