Books And Papers From Raymond Chandler Hitting The Auction Block

Items from Raymond Chandler to hit auction block

Via The New York Times

Are you a Raymond Chandler fan? If so, get over to Sotheby's on Dec. 13--that's when books and papers from the legendary author of hardboiled fiction are hitting the action block.

The material comes from the library of Jean Vounder-Davis, the author’s fiancée and secretary until his death in 1959. Among the items that'll be up for bid: 

  • A copy of The Big Sleep inscribed to his first wife, Cissy
  • A first-edition of Goldfinger inscribed to Chandler by Ian Fleming
  • A copy of James M. Cain's Three of a Kind, with a personal note thanking Chandler for co-writing the Double Indemnity script

The pièce de résistance, though, is a copy of The Big Sleep that Chandler inscribed to himself with the following note: “For me without my compliments.”

There is nothing on this green earth, short of selling a kidney, that will give me the kind of money it would take to purchase this. That being said, does anyone need a kidney? This is not a joke. 

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