BitLit: Turn Your Physical Books Into eBooks

BitLit: Turn Your Physical Books Into eBooks

BitLit, a new app-based service, allows users to purchase heavily-discounted or even free eBook versions of the physical books they already own. In other words, once you buy the physical version of a book, you can also get the eBook without doubling your costs.

Here's how it works.

Step 1: Download the app (Free).

Step 2: Sign in with your Google+ account. Yep, they don't tell you about that part on the web site. But you'll be asked to sign in with a Google account before you get going.

Step 3: Take a photo of your book's cover. This sounds easier than it is. 

Step 4: End up frustrated with the inability to take a cover photo and resort to a primitive text search like it's 2012.

Step 5: Realize that the problem was not your photography, but rather the fact that Interpreter Of Maladies is not in BitLit's system. BitLit can only offer discounts or free books from publishers with whom they've already worked out deals.

Step 6: Try The Boy Detective Fails by Joe Meno. No result.

Step 7: Try Behind The Beautiful Forevers by Katherine Boo. No result.

Step 8: Call it a day.

In theory, once a book is located in BitLit's catalog, you as the owner would have to send a second picture, this one of the copyright page with your name written in below. 

There is an upside to the BitLit idea, should it function properly. According to TechCrunch, shoppers are more likely to leave a brick and mortar bookstore with a book they weren't seeking out specifically, whereas eBook shoppers using an online interface are more likely to purchase titles they've heard of before. BitLit could bring the browse back to the bookstore and give people a good reason to make physical purchases again. 

Would you be into it? Is there value in purchasing a second, electronic version of something you already own?

Test it out for yourself, let us know what you think.

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Dwayne's picture
Dwayne from Cincinnati, Ohio (suburbs) is reading books that rotate to often to keep this updated May 23, 2014 - 1:25pm

I don't really care about the app, but 

Step 3: Take a photo of your book's cover. This sounds easier than it is.

is some of the best journalism writing I've ever seen.  No joke.  Good for you.

L.W. Flouisa's picture
L.W. Flouisa from Tennessee is reading More Murakami May 23, 2014 - 11:05pm

For many of the books I own, there are already kindle versions. And I don't think there are any for Tokyopop manga.

And that doesn't go into the fact that I prefer print books.:P