Amazon Launches StoryFront, A New Short Story Imprint

Amazon Launches StoryFront, A New Short Story Imprint

Amazon just keeps getting bigger, or so it seems. Its latest idea is an imprint called StoryFront, aimed squarely at the short fiction market on the Kindle, “dedicated to high-quality short fiction for readers looking to discover new voices, experiment with genres, or find a great quick read”. They’re doing their very best to big it up in the wake of launching a new literary magazine called Day One, which the new imprint will be associated with. No doubt they’ll be using it to promote their products.

Daphne Durham, publisher of adult trade and children’s group at Amazon Publishing, said the company received “thousands of subscriptions” in the first week of launching Day One. “We know readers are hungry for short stories and excited about exploring new genres. With StoryFront, we’re feeding that enthusiasm by offering a wide range of stories curated by a team of editors who are committed to the craft,” Durham said.

Sounds good, right? There’s a lot of work in the pipeline, quite a bit of it from established authors, and the site is already live. A selection of upcoming stories to look forward to includes:

At launch, the imprint includes a number of stories, such as “Sheila” by Rebecca Adams Wright; ”A Bite of Strawberry” by William Lashner; ”Museum of Literary Souls” by John Connolly; ”Farmer One” by Christian Cantrell, and “The 12 Days of Christmas,” a series created by authors Gemma Halliday, Kim Law, HP Mallory, Kathleen Bacus, Diane Kelly, Susan Donovan, Kyra Davis, Amanda Brice, Angie Fox, Robin Kaye, Jana DeLeon, and Leslie Langtry.

Only time will tell if this new imprint is a success, but with Amazon’s penchant for pushing forward, it’s bound to find an audience. Authors will have to go through Amazon Publishing’s submission channels to take part, so an open forum for short stories, it ain’t. Will you be partaking of their new wares?

You will find StoryFront here.

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