Amazon Buys Comixology, Expands Literature Empire (Again)

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Amazon Buys Comixology

If you read digital comics, there's a good chance you've bought at least some of them through the incredibly popular Comixology platform. With their great software and some major exclusives, Comixology has stood for years as just about the best place you could buy digital comics. Other competitors didn't have the selection or the software to match what Comixology can deliver.

...considering that, it's pretty obvious why Amazon just saw fit to scoop the company up and add them to their already extensive media delivery empire.

A little over a year after Amazon bolstered their reading community by acquiring the social network Goodreads, Amazon has picked up Comixology, according to a post on Comixology's blog.

There are few details about how exactly the deal is going to change how either service delivers content, but Comixology's reading interface blows Amazon's out of the water, and the frequent rock-bottom prices that Comixology offers on some really great comics makes us hope that Amazon borrows more than a few pages from Comixology's book when it comes to integrating the two services into digital comics goodness.

Sean May

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Sanbai from the Midwest is reading The War of Art April 11, 2014 - 7:58pm

Holy shit! I love both of these platforms, but putting them together...hmmm. It's like dousing fried chicken in guacamole - not sure if it will work out...