2013 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Winners Announced

2013 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Finalists

I know, we’re all getting awards fatigue — oh, that’s just me? — and now it’s time for Amazon’s annual Breakthrough Novel Award. The company released details of the winners in each of the five categories (which correspond to Amazon Publishing’s imprints, funnily enough) with a final winner to be chosen by the readers.

"We were blown away by the quality of submissions for the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award, which made it hard to narrow the list down to just one winner in each category,” said Daphne Durham, Editor-in-Chief, Amazon Publishing. “Now we leave it to Amazon customers to decide who will take home the Grand Prize. I’m looking forward to revealing the winner at our awards ceremony in June.”

It’s nothing to sneeze at, as the overall winner gets a $50,000 advance and a publishing contract with Amazon Publishing, natch, and the finalists get the contract and $15,000. Not bad for unpublished authors in the current climate, I can hear you saying. So who are these finalists?

General Fiction: It Happened in Wisconsin by Ken Moraff, Lexington, MA
Mystery/Thriller: The Hidden by Jo Chumas, Barcelona, Spain
Romance: A Man Above Reproach by Evelyn Pryce, Pittsburgh, PA
Science Fiction/Fantasy/Horror: Poe by J. Lincoln Fenn, Haiku, HI
Young Adult Fiction: Timebound by Rysa Walker, Cary, NC

You have until the 29th of May to read excerpts from the winners on your Kindle — yes, you have to be an Amazon customer — and vote for your favorite to help choose the overall winner, which will be announced at a ceremony in Seattle on the 15th of June.

I think it’ll be interesting to see which one gets the award as the entries all have something about them. The awards also offer another opportunity for new authors to get exposure, but will it change the face of publishing? I’d say Amazon’s already done that, this just being another step in their plan for world domination, no doubt.

Dean Fetzer

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