1. Write & Submit

Write a story by July 31 that meets the following criteria

  • Must be a horror story
  • Must feature an original creature of your own creation (no werewolves, vampires or zombies)
  • Must feature three deaths
  • Must take place in the town where you grew up
  • Must be more than 1,500 words but less than 4,000 words

Sorry, this event is not currently accepting new entries. Check back for future events!

2. Read & Rate

Once you have submitted your story, the real fun begins!

  • Read stories that have been submitted by other members
  • Rate the stories you do and don’t like
  • Provide and receive feedback for your fellow writers
  • Meet other up-and-coming writers

Read Great Stories

3. Fun Will Be Had!

Though writing should be all the incentive you need, there is more!

  • We will be offering up a variety of unannouced awards. Why unannouced? Because we want this to be about fun first. All submissions can qualify, not just the best rated ones.
  • Get personal feedback from some of our instructors like: Ed Sikov, Holiday Reinhorn, Suzy Vitello, Lidia Yuknavitch, Christa Faust and more
  • Challenge yourself to come out with a polished, short story