New Year's Bootcamp with Joshua Mohr

Talent is important, but work ethic is better. Start the new year off right, with prompts, weekly page targets, and craft lectures, all aimed at getting you in the habit of producing new work.

Your Instructor: Joshua Mohr, author of ALL THIS LIFE

Where: Online — Available everywhere!

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Enrollment: Limited to 15 students

Price: $399

Class Description

Talent is important... but work ethic is more valuable.

This will be a crash course in honing that literary muscle-memory: sitting down daily to write.

In this four-week workshop, acclaimed author Joshua Mohr will help you meet your literary goals, with prompts, weekly page targets, and craft lectures. You will write at least one page per day. You'll motivate one another by reading and commenting on your submissions to the community. Concurrently, students will also write an original short story, started and completed during the course's duration. 

By the end, you'll have have started the new year off by making your art a recognized component of your day-to-day life.

It's a new year, a new you.

Let's kick off 2016 by upping your attention on your art!

What This Class Covers

Week 1

During the opening week, you'll hit the ground running. Day 1 will start with a prompt and a written and video lecture on a craft element. That will be our portal into the course.

Week 2

You'll still be responsible for completing the daily writing prompts, but now students will begin constructing a new short story. The weekly topic will be plot and conflict, making sure the stories have enough action, danger, and drama to lure a total stranger into the narrative.

Week 3

Students will be juggling the daily writing prompts, as well as continued work on their short stories, but since this course is a bootcamp, you'll be asked to juggle one more ball as well. Week 3 will introduce the concept of a Dialogue Journal. Great dialogue requires diction and syntax unique to every player, and students will begin the fun and necessary process of discovery for every character's idiosyncratic language.

Week 4

As students sprint to the finish line, everyone will post their completed short stories. This week will have a workshop, people reading and commenting on the class-produced short stories of their colleagues. The daily writing prompts will continue until the last day of the course.  By the end of our time together, students will have written at least 50 pages during January.

Goals Of This Class

  • Get in the habit of writing every day
  • Learn to prioritize your art
  • Produce a short story
  • Write at least 50 pages
  • Form new, better writing habits, like dialogue journals
  • Learn the nuts and bolts of action, danger, and drama

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